Any way to totally disable the background (stage) to increase performance like in SFIV?

I am currently in Japan till March 1st and my laptop seems to run the game okay in the training stage, however it really struggles in all the other ones. My question would be if there is a hidden option in one of the games’ .INI files to turn off the stages. In Street Fighter IV it was possible to play in a black grid training stage and set that for all the stages.
If anyone knows how this can be done in SFV I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance

That was my favorite way to play, wish it worked that way on the consoles

It’s sucks but the only answer is to play the training stage.

Maybe there is a way to replace the other stages with the training Stage?

How about that “low specs mode” thing?
Has anyone gotten any significant results with it on lower end hardware?
And what does it even do?

There’s actually stage edits in production as we speak. I’m waiting for someone to turn the stupid, Ono-esque npcs off in the Lair of the Four Kings.

Thank you, this is a big help, now I can at least grind the survival while in Japan :-). Already at 300k fight money :-). I am sure someone will figure out how to disable the stages sooner or later by messing with the games .pak files