Any way to use PS3 Madcatz Fightstick PRO on PC without restarting game?


Hey guys, just had a quick question about using a PS3 Madcatz Fightstick PRO on PC.

The stick works just fine on my computer, but it only works if you plug in the controller before you launch the game. If you plug it in while the game is still running, it doesn’t work. Is there any way around this?

The stick I’m using is this:

The reason I ask is because I want to go to WNF at Super Arcade, but I don’t want to keep exiting the game and launching the game again if I want to sit down and have some casuals. Would be a huge annoyance. Thanks for the help!


It sounds like it’s using direct input drivers so there’s nothing you can do outside of swapping out the PCB for a 360 PCB. On your home PC you might be able to use ScpDriver to make it go through the XInput drivers.


If you watch the streams for WNF at Super Arcade (LevelUpLive’s twitch stream) that is exactly what they are doing on each match. Sorry.