Any WC servers or something in the middle of the country?

I cant play on GW servers, I get like 100 ping and shit, Its unplayable :(. Anyone got some IP’s?

weird. i’m wc but things are fine for me in either gw.

but i have noticed that when playin’ on mame, it’s a
bit more touchy to lag and delay than kawaks. kawak’s
runs flawless.

Meh, Kawaks I dont really like because not alot of people use it. :frowning:

The two non-GW US servers that I know of:

On anti3d’s server I get about the same as on GW’s (upper-90’s), but on the other one, I get ~70ms. Not great, but not bad. Slow down is noticeable in A3 on GW servers (yes on Mame, cuz that’s what everybody else uses), but by no means is unplayable. I prefer some Champ. Edition myself, tho, and that plays pretty close to normal on GW servers (even with an opponent in upper-80+ ping).

I remember when there was a decent active WC server quite some time ago, but even prior to the main Kaillera server going offline (what, about a month ago, now?), I don’t remember that WC server being online.

Yeah I’m up for some games of A3and ST, I would say more but those are the only ones I have right now.

Just hit me up whenever you wanna play me I’m always on aim whenever i’m online or P.M me as well.

i wish there was a stable west coast server :sad:

what games you tryin’ to play?