Any well known players use HRAP3 (SA) 's?

I swear, it seems like everyone uses the Mad Catz TE.

Is Viewlix really that superior? :o

TEs are great quality (well, aside from the PCB) and readily available. I’ve never noticed a huge difference due to the layout when playing on HRAP or TE.

you know how we (in general american) like to import stuff from Japan? Well Japanese players are actually importing Madcatz TE from us.

The irony of that is that for decades Madcatz made utter shit and they are just recently starting to turn around. Not to mention that the increase in quality coincided with an increase in the amount of Japanese parts contained in their hardware.

A different stick does not make you a better player.

I’m just suprised that more people don’t love the HRAP3 SA:

I mean, it’s an awfully good looking stick. It’s incredibly solid.
It’s actually heavier/more solid than the TE (only the SA model
that is) and finally it’s CHEAPER than the Mad Catz.

And yet in every video/tournament I see - everyone uses a TE.
The one argument I can see is that -maybe- the TE is better for
lap play due to it being slightly wider (I believe).

…Or maybe it’s just a mystery :slight_smile:

I thought arturo or sabin, used HRAP3SA, Pretty sure i saw him with one, But it had red button’s but i could be wrong.

Yes he did for a bit, Think it was modded unsure in reality.

That is an HRAP 3, not HRAP 3 SA.
The Control Panel is different.

Buttons may be stock, or switched with Sanwa.
But the HRAP is HRAP 3, not HRAP 3 SA.

before the TE came out everyone was using HRAPs or HORI sticks…

Fucking this.
The reason you see so many players use TE’s is because they’re domestically available. Would you rather walk into a store and buy a stick, or wait for play-asia to ship it, and then pay the premium on importing a stick as well as shipping?

Lol, who cares what they use!

A good player is a good player. Lots of people still use MAS sticks from like 10 years ago.

Readily available in the US with free shipping.

I don’t think price is really an issue since this is about the same price you’d pay for an SF4 TE stick at this point (save for GameStop MVC2 stick sale). If I had to list some of the advantages of the TE over the HRAP3 SA, I’d say the following:

  • Easier to mod (plus more people know how to mod TE’s if you’re looking for someone else to do the service)
  • Bigger lap/hand space
  • Cord compartment
  • Button layout that some people (myself included) may prefer over the HRAP’s full arc

Also, you might see more TE sticks than anything else because they were the FIRST great fully-stocked retail stick this gen, so all thel players looking for a good PS3 or 360 stick already had a TE stick or whatever by the time the HRAP3 SA came out.

Most of this is just opinoin/theory, but these are what I see for the reasons why you may see more TE sticks around than HRAPs.

It might be just me, but I like the slightly different shape of the TE over the HRAP 3 SA, and the button layout I like more as well. Even though I don’t use the x3 kicks/punches.

Just preference and a hell of a lot easier to buy locally IMO.

the 8 button harp layout sucks imo its great for 6 button though te is the best layout for 8 button play

Which is great for the imaginary fighting games that use 8 buttons. HRAPs are bigger and weigh more than TEs. TEs are slimmer and you can actually walk into a Gamestop and buy one. Its a lot like Coca-Cola or Pepsi (PREFERENCE).

Even with the HRAP3-SA on Amazon, the TEs are still more accessible. Can’t really blame people for Hori still concentrating more on the Asian/JP market.

Also, anyone who’s a big enough Hori fanboy is waiting for the HRAP.V3-SA/VX-SA.

I thought the TEs weighed slightly more than HRAPs. Regardless, both are solid sticks.

My TE weighs more than my HRAP 3. Dunno about the SA model though.

I have a HRAP 2 SA, but it doesn’t feel heavier than my TE.

Yeah the HRAP3 SA is heavier than the normal HRAP3. It’s also a bit heavier than the Mad Catz TE. Having owned the SA and a round 2 Mad Catz TE, the TE felt kind of hollow/echo’y in comparison.

I have to admit though, there is a case to be made for the TE when considering it for lap play. The disign of the base and the pure length of the thing make it ideal for this.

Also d3v, I think you’re wrong about the new V3 SA’s. They are significantly lighter/smaller than the HRAP design and having used one, I was not very impressed. I’d much prefer a TE tbh.