Any where I can get a Mini B (male) to mini B (female)/ B(female) cable

Hello guys, I am currently wiring my stick, but I have encounter a problem.

I am trying to build a wireless stick using PS3 controller

I just butchered one of my own USB cable trying to create a mini B(male) to B (female) cable and because of the fiber in the wire, the solder refuse to stick.

does anyone know any place where I can get the head? It seem like digi key don’t sell mini B or B female in small orders, and I can’t find them at Frys either.

I am having the same problem and have resorted to getting a few through eBay.

These things seem really hard to find over here in the UK :frowning:

I was in the same boat as you, I went with the following parts to make my own:

This goes inside the stick, connecting sixaxis pcb to mount

This is the panel mount on my stick

and this to connect from mount to ps3

Havent made the stick yet but my controllers will charge via the cable setup.

If you any good at making your own it would be cheaper.

Just to add, ShinJN had posted the mount in his hacking made easy thread. I think he linked to an American site.

alright, finally found one that would fit

the shipping is grossly over priced, but what ever, as long as this cable gets the job done =_=