Any wicked A-groove combos with bison





Wow, they got shit for competition in Indiana…

Activate, c.MK, c.Fierce x2, c.RH, s.MP, [sj.RH x2, sj.Fierce] until corner, land, repeated DP+FP, Scissor Kick super.




Thanks for the info. I’ll try that tonight. Any other combos you can think of??


activate, cr mp, qcf+K, [jump roundhouse, fierce] x 2, dp+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+PxN, finish with bfbf+P


thats a pretty multipurpose combo…
tripguard and ground?
i only do the
fierce x2 roundhouse x2, cr roundhouse, standing lp, super jump roundhouse x3 to corner then dp x n super
ripped it off gunter


c.jab, c.jab, c.forward, rh.scissor kick, activate, [rh, rh.scissor kick] (till corner), s.fierce, [fierce.dp]xn,kick super


Thanks for all the post guys. I really needed to learn some more combos.

Question: I’ve been having a hard time finshing off the combo after I get all the other combinations in. Any suggestions?


Should I tell you the better, non-shitty way to do that custom, or should just I say your custom sucks and if I were Gunter, I’d be embarrassed?


so what is it?
i thought this is the one i ripped off namonaki?
educate me
anyway what do you mean by non shitty?
bigger damage?
better rate of connecting?
enlighten me


I wouldn’t be embarrassed… whatever works. If it’s one jump to the corner, that custom’s fine as it is, and is what I do myself actually (well, except I use s.strong instead of s.jab, but that’s just a difference of 2 pixels). If it’s more than one jump, just do a rh scissors after you land and you’re in the corner.

The cc that kcxj wants you to/is hoping you ask him about is using scissor kick sequences to the corner. After the slide you can do either standing or c.fierce or s.roundhouse into rh scissors and repeat that sequence, or after one sequence land from the scissors and do a fierce scrape into rh scissors to get you to the corner. In the corner just do fierce scrapes. The problem with scissors is that depending on spacing, you may end up crossing under the opponent so that when you land from the scissors your next move will be facing the other way. Or sometimes you just simply time it wrong and the opponent falls. With scissors, you’re increasing the points where the opponent can fall… from 3/4 screen or so you’ll need 2 scissors to get to the corner (although ideally you should just do the crossup slide trick, but I digress). That’s 2 points where you have to land a s.roundhouse or something and the opponent is about your waist-level from the ground. In the heat of battle, you might get excited or nervous or something, and miss by just a little, ending the combo. By launching and doing an air combo, you are increasing your room for error. Even if you don’t superjump, you can usually still correct your mistake with a rh scissor when you land; the opponent is way at the top of the screen so you have tons of time to assess the situation; there is really only one “drop point,” and if you do mess up, almost all the hits up until the first drop point were rh or fierce anyway. The thing about customs in tournaments is that it’s not about the damage being done, it’s about completing the combo (as the announcer on the SBO DVD says, when Tokido lands his Sak AA CC). Don’t worry about doing the most damaging combo. Just do what you feel comfortable with.

And hasn’t been updated in ages… take all the combos listed with a grain of salt, as I’m too lazy and too busy to update it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I hope for nothing. I’m here in this thread to talk useless shit and shit alone.

Thanks for the Bison info though. What I wanted to write was the most damaging and consistent methods for Bison to do his CC’s. Even if it is 2 pixels, free damage is still free damage. Everytime I use CC, d.HK I always launch with s.MP. Then it’s sj. HK, HK, HP from there. Doing three HK’s is what makes people mess up. s.HP once I get to corner then scrapes. Some people try to go straight into scrapes after the super jump sequence. That’s really bad because the bad corner physics start to come info effect then. Bison sometimes go under the opponent. That’s why I use s.HP then walk back a little.

As for the ground CC. I don’t even do d.HK anymore. That’s where all the Bison going under opponent bullshit comes in. I’m postive the new Bison tourny custom is now…

CC, d.MK, s.HP, s.HK, s.HK, HK scissors…

Works 100% consistently on ALL characters. Forget the sweep altogether. Just get the opponent to the corner. I haven’t messed up a Bison CC (except when I press HK+HP too early and get nothing :bluu: ) since I started comboing like that.

BTW, congrats on beating Nestor at EVL. He’s my main training partner. I wish I could of been there myself though (still a little disappointed…). I’m learning N-Vice from now on :lol:.


I was under the impression the most important thing in a Bison custom was to get them to the corner ASAP.

c.Forward, c.Fiercex2, c.RH works fine for pretty much everyone, the only real change you have to make is probably using one c.Fierce if you’re too far away from the opponent. Using the Scissor Kick method is fine for you and that’s ok, but Gunter’s right about the whole spacing thing, and I think you have a higher risk of fucking that up than with a sweep/jump setup.


ok this is what i used to do until i got that one off
i did cr fierce’s with roundhouse scissors… but i was always screwing up my scissors and getting the down up kick move instead thats why i use the other one
even still i keep missing the superjump and get a normal jump
is there a way to continue the combo if i get a normal jump instead of the superjump?



s.Fierce’s and s.RH’s do more damage than c.Fierce. The only reason I do one s.Fierce is because it chains from d.MK easily, otherwise I would just go d.MK, s.RH x 3, scissors. Again, free damage is free damage.

Anything with c.RH has the extremely annoying habit of going under Sagat sometimes. It’s because of Sagat that I gave up doing sweeps all together (except in guard crush string). I only use c.RH when I’m too far from the opponent, but they’re still wide open to eat CC. In those cases it’s CC, d.HK, s.MP, [sj.HK, HK, HP]… j.HP pops up opponent way better than j.HK does. I don’t even know why people still try to do nothing but j.HK’s. I’m not kidding when I’m saying my consistency has increased twice fold ever since I started comboing like that.


Well, you’re only supposed to do one jump sequence and then land and scissor kick anyway… so it doesn’t matter. Popping them up too high means you have to wait longer for them to land. I do all rh kicks because it keeps them in line with my jump arc, so that when I land and scissor, it’s a perfect hit every time.


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Sounds good… I’ll give it a try.