Any word on an Official Tekken 6 Arcade Stick?

I could not find any information or press releases in regards to this topic, but by any chance does anyone know if MadCatz, Hori, or anyone secured the rights to produce the official arcade stick for Tekken 6? I am interested in the what the arcade stick will be like, and not the game since I am not into 3D fighters.

It seems to me like the Tekken 5 stick that was bundled with the PS2 game was equivalent to the Fighting Stick 3. If that is the case with the Tekken 6, I will most likely not have interest in it. If the official Tekken 6 stick is anything like the SF IV MadCatz TE or Virtua Stick High Grade, people should be more prepared for it this time.

No announcements yet, but considering the success of the SFIV TE stick I would at least hope that Hori and MadCatz put out something equivalent to a TE or VSHG.

Markman has hinted at a T6 stick.

I have? I said I’d like to do one! :looney:

Expect TEKKEN 6 art on the EX2s and HRAPs … Hori usually gets the licence… but if Mad Catz should get the licences for NA and Europe… six button layout at the most :wink:

I guess this didn’t count as a hint?

The winking eye smiley gave the impression that you know things about it that you can’t disclose with the rest of us. :wink:

I’m making a 2 player Tekken emblazoned fighting stick.

It will probably just be a standard Hori stick with a Tekken sticker on it. It would be cool if Mad Catz could get the American license though, and use it as an excuse to put out a bunch of re-branded Fightsticks. Not sure how likely that is though, and if there’s anything we’ve witnessed from the Fightsticks, it’s that Mad Catz does not currently have as much manufacturing capacity as the demand level is currently calling for. Having your product sold out before it even releases isn’t necessarily a bad thing from a publicity standpoint, but if it stays like this for a long time and Mad Catz doesn’t signfiicantly ramp up production, it could be bad for their growing reputation as a high-quality peripheral maker.