Any word on King of Fighters 12 for Europe yet?

I realize I can just import the US PS3 version, but getting DLC from PSN for imports is a bitch :sad:

Since when isnt it coming out in Europe?

Didnt say it wasnt, just wanted to know when (assuming it is)

The King of Fighters XII SNK Playmore 07/06/2009 US

The King of Fighters XII SNK Playmore July/09 JP

Thats from GameFaq’s PS3 section, I realize there not the most reliable but I couldnt find anything else.

The King of Fighters XII SNK Playmore July/10 EU

most likely.
I dont really care, I want to know if the 360 will be region free or not (jap or US).
Blazeblue US will be.
otherwise it will be PS3 only

Considering that we know how much japanese games companies seem to love Europe I would guess at later to never as a release date.

Best off importing and hopeing that the DLC is just costumes or something :frowning:

Yeah there’s no clear date. Ignition’s site says squat and no website has an accurate date. And since Ignition now <3 all over their american section instead, Europe will be in the dark until it magically shows up in the shops. I mean christ, Samurai Shodown Anthology for the PS2 is apparently out (as is Wii + PSP) but show me a european or UK site that has that shit saying “BUY NOW!” … not even ebay has anything. Only has a 29th May release for it when Ignition are saying it’s been available for over 3 weeks…

THE FUCK!? I had to strike it lucky in my local gamestation just to find Art of Fighting Anthology + SNK Classics Volume 1.

it looks like it’s the dark old days for us again, no bb date no kof12, i really though after the ps2 things would have turned around for us euro gamers but now it seems worse than ever, roll on tekken br in fucking september.
As for ignition, at first i thought they were semi decent, decent info decent releases, it seemed to end pretty sharpish, are they really still saying ss collection out in europe? i thought that was canned bar the psp version, it’s all gone tits up.

I’ll be damned if i bother with another one of there pal releases again

For Blazeblue the US version will be multi language, not only english(probably spanish and french) and the xbox version isnt lock so you can import it wthout problem(PS3 games arent lock).
the question is will ignition do the same thing as Arksys or not.
anyway VirtuaLeon i see that you got PS3 gamertag so it doesnt really matter for you as the US and Jap version will work on all console.

Well the UK is only showing a Wii version (which is permanently out of stock) but for PS2? All I know is, it’s on PS2 out in Holland and I’ve got a friend there finding me a copy. But yeah Ignition are really shit for us in Europe at the moment. It’s like they’ve focused purely on IgnitionUSA and ignored us once more… I mean look at the site differences… USA has constant updates, their own message board now and well known releases. We get “Coming Soon” or “Now Available” (which most of them AREN’T unless you’re lucky!) and left in the dark about everything.

As you say, roll on Tekken 6. I got BlazBlue on preorder because I’m confident it won’t see a european release or at least any day soon.

ive also got my BB on preorder from the states for the LE but im pritty hopfull that KOF12 will be seeing the light of day in the EU, its just a matter of heading down to GAME,Gamestation or what ever retailer you have and badgering them like i and many of my firends have over the past month asking for a preorders of KOF12 one went as fare as to email GAME its self…hes still waiting for a reply but just cross your fingers lads that we arnt forgoten :tup:

Erm, guys… it’s been confirmed more than once that this will be released worldwide. Here are the relevant press releases, emphasis mine;

I’ll grant that Ignition’s handling of the European versions of certain games has been terribad - this, though, is rather definitive.

(a bit late don’t think this counts as a thread necromancy yet though)

I think international release this time is in the specific form which assumes that PAL regions don’t exist since theres no date on gamefaqs and all the non-import sites I’ve checked and physical stores have no idea that it even exists :tdown:

if you want to grab DLC from US PSN you can always use Entropay, not hard at all.

It said worldwide, not just international.

I have never heard of any instance where a company has specifically stated that a game will be released worldwide, then failed to release it in PAL territories.

Oh cheers maybe they’re doing it download only over here or something then. (hope it’s not download only but guess it’s better then nothing)

I hope you’re right. But the thing that puzzles me is, if a game that’s planned to come out on PS3/360 in JULY this year, then how come no UK based shop/site has any news of a release? No shop that I use/browsed has ANY mention of a KOFXII.

For what it’s worth, I have beside me right now the latest issue of GamesTM (#83) which states (on page 167, in the release list) that KOFXII is due for a July UK release.

I’m not saying that it’s guaranteed not to be delayed - but now that someone other than Ignition is saying this is coming out in July a delay looks a lot less likely.

@ Iduno - what on earth made you think that it’s going to be sold as physical media in some regions and download-only in others? That has never happened before and there’s no reason to suppose it will for this or any other game.

I’ve seen plenty of “worldwide” JP releases exclude PAL.

Or just score an PSN card, that’s how I got SFHDremix last year.
Just import away!
Hopefully online play won’t be region locked otherwise it’s latency hell all over again… :confused:

It’s happening with fate unilimited codes (umd in japan, download in america and europe).

Thanks for the extra information btw.