Any word on ps3 stick support yet?

Im not talking about being able to afford it. Im talking about the fact that I already own a perfectly good stick and am not allowed to use it for no good reason.

Yes a lot of people have already paid good money before for perfectly working sticks. But, if you’re really against having to buy an entirely brand new stick just for functionality on a new console, then the best route for you to take is honestly just getting your old stick modded in some way. There are plenty of alternatives to take when it comes to making your stick ps4 compatible and they all cost either less than or the same as a copy of SFV is itself. Can’t really blame an arcade stick manufacturer for wanting to keep their gravy train running smoothly.

Hell,I’ve been using the same HRAP3 for the past 7 years and all I’ve had to do is change the pcb inside of it. Now the stick is good to last me for another entire console generation. For only 60 bucks It’s honestly not a bad investment.

You’re probably right… :frowning: hopefully there are already pcb working for pc and ps4 (so not into that scene … O.O)

Most are compatible with both. The ps360+ will work for PC,xb360,ps3, and ps4 although it has the 8 minute timeout issue in ps4 mode. Which they’re still supposedly making a fix for although it’s not much of an issue as the stick can simply be reset inbetween matches. This is also the pcb with the fastest response time.

Then there’s also the Brooke pcbs that work for both PC, ps3 and ps4. These have no 8 minute timeout issue,but sometimes Sony’s firmware updates changes this. But Brooke is fast when it comes to putting out a fix.

Honestly at this point the only real reason anyone should want a new madcatz stick is if they really want to try the newest form factor of if they’re just collectors. Updating your old stick is just much cheaper and with multi-console pcbs it’s simple to keep functionality with older systems.

Here’s one non-Madcatz related reason why Capcom probably won’t have PS3 stick support for SFV. If they’re really looking to go e-Sports they really can’t afford to have early SFV events being the logistical disaster that the first PS4 USFIV events were where no one knows how to properly sync the controller via the drivers and matches are taking 10+ minutes to just check buttons correctly.

Yeah, that whole you need a P1 controller to be on or whatever will be a disaster.

the ability to map profiles to controllers would be so sweet. It’s very limited in scope though, so I can see it never happening but would be useful.

The answer is always gonna be mod or buy the console specific stick, this has been going since there’s been consoles. New one comes out then you either mod your existing one or buy a new one.

You’re making an elitist argument that most people “can” afford a $200 stick, which is kind of silly if you think about it.

Most people can afford $20 a day for a kick in the nuts, that doesn’t mean they should like it.

Besides, my point isn’t that we should go after MadCatz with pitchforks, it’s that this is just a poor business decision that also hurts some players.

It superficially looks like a good move, but to me it’s just a typical decision that a MBA mid-level manager type would make.

Thats no where near elitist. if 200$ is to much to pay for a stick then you have other issues. I never said most people can afford a 200$ stick. Some people cannot, and they should focus on other things kids, debt, bills, etc.

Street Fighter is not going anywhere, and they can always come back when they can afford to pay to play.

And seriously what did you think was a fair price for a ps4 stick during its most demanding season?

His point was made perfectly by saying why should a stick he perfectly own be made obsolete? It has nothing to do with whether he could afford it or not. 200 dollars saved can go to other things, clothes, food, fees, games, etc.

MKX made PS3 stick compatible yet Capcom wants to be as “marketable” as that game, yet they are not gonna do it by being less accessible, and yes, they want to make a better story comparable as Netherealm games and will probably have better presentation than any capcom fighter but it’s still gonna be a joke as far as stories go, with typical anime troupes and shitty voice acting and dialogue.

No stick compatibility, is why i skipped out on Guilty Gear, i assume Capcom a much larger company would have it ready by SFV and would try to be competitive in terms of features on what Netherealm was doing. They said they won’t have it for the beta, kinda leaving it into interpretation that it would be there on release, but with no word on it now, seems very unlikely. I tweeted Combofiend and got nothing. We need to all tweet him to get an answer.

I’m a casual, haven’t played SFIV since vanilla and I was glad to spend $200 on a new stick, can’t wait.
I have a TE stick, but I ain’t mad. it’s a new game, new season and I’m happy to pay to get back into the fighting scene

@twocoins I see your point. But you are comparing mortal kombat to street fighter.

*I doubt sony would cannibalize licensing profits to allow a few gamers to use their old sticks on software they foot the bill for.

The thing about the whole controller sync issue in MKX\USF4 is that the driver originally wasn’t designed this way when it was created for skullgirls. In skullgirls all you have to do is start the game and leave it running without a ds4 connected to it. It will automatically detect any ps3 stick that is plugged into it. The dumb sync issue is the fault of NR\Capcom themselves and not that of the driver. Capcom could choose to implement it correctly if they wanted to.

With capcoms talk about accessability, they sure know how to make it difficult to use your existing arcade stick.

We can just hope they get some sense into their heads and allow that compatibility

Capcom hasn’t given word about it one way or the other.

But also remember, Capcom didn’t announce PS3 stick support for the PS4 version of USF4 until THE DAY IT CAME OUT.

My guess is that they are going to support PS3 sticks, but they won’t announce it until the game is out.

Announcing it now gives them absolutely no benefit. All it would do is lower sales on the PS4 TE2 sticks. Why would they want that?

They also know that NOT supporting PS3 sticks will not go over well with their user base. They also don’t want that.

So my guess is we’ll find out launch day or when reviews start coming out that it will support PS3 sticks.

That way MadCatz/Capcom will have all their TE2’s sold out already and everyone who didn’t buy one but has a PS3 stick will also be happy.

Have people started taking the pcb out of cheap ps4 sticks and swapping it for their ones?

I hacked a Hori fighting commander pad already, yes.

That would make a lot of sense. We always forget that the haven’t said whether we will or won’t be able 2 use ps3 sticks and whilst it isn’t very likely it is possible