Any XBL member from NY that Play SF4



hit this forum if ur from ny. and u go to chinatown fair.


Check out your regional threads for a better shot at finding your SF4 scene.

Just to help you out I got the links for the threads for you.



Upstate New York:

That should help you out better.


I have been to CF like 4x but i cant go now because im broke.
but i play on XBL and my tag is Z3RO K1D


Nobody that I know really goes to CF anymore because of no console characters and still a dollar a game. I hear its dead over there.


Notice no Queenz thread. What’s up with that yo? :-p.


Yes they really need to decrease the cost of that game once it was out on consoles. The console is out and the competition is there. CF refusing to decrease the cost of the game is just holding onto a depreciating machine. Heck 3rd strike is only a quarter and it kept the competition up for a long time.