Any xpadder users?

Hi, im looking for xpadder users to share our .xpadder profiles of fighting games specially sf4.

Dont worry, i personally dont use them online (nobody plays street fighter here in India anyways :frowning: ) i do it for fun.

I have a few grapplers profile. If you are instered in sharing, send me a pm with your steam id :slight_smile: .


moving to tech talk

Please only use the sf4 section for sf4 discussion.

What do you mean “profile”? You’re just mapping the buttons accordingly from the keyboard to the pad

You can’t configure it in a way that you’d be able to do 1-button special AFAIK

Yes, you can, using the macro option, I have a profile where L2 is mapped for instant 2x 360º+punch, for special SPD’s in Super Turbo.