Any Zangiefs going to NEC?

Any other then me? I wanna do a Zangief gauntlet if enough players are going.


im going…hope to meet other gief players there…

I plan to be there as well…Korosho my brothers Korosho!

i’m gonna try, it would be my first ever live sf4 tourney. hate going anywhere near the city though. how about an all gief team for the 3v3?

I wish I could do that. But I have a team to rep. D:. Dj and Grief might be able to. We should all discuss match ups before the teams start on day 1.

im going. im relatively new to gief but i have been doing great even getting streaks at ctf friday nights

Hope you stick with him throughout the tourney.

yea of course i am i might have to counter pick here and there lol but he is my main for sure.

If the rules in NEC allow it I’ll play on a Saturday Night Slam Masters Team why not? Korosho

Haha, I like that name. xD You guys have facebook?

There is a good chance we will be sending Vangief to NEC. I personally would love to see a Zangief gauntlet. :stuck_out_tongue:

REALLY? If you do that…I will love you forever. ;p Please confirm this so I can ask the NEC host Eric about the gauntlet.

Yep I got a Facebook my name is Darnell Griffin

ill be there at 10am, i want to play the 3x3 but dont have comrades to play… so if you are up to just hit me up… 646-316-7460.
rusian wresting is always number 1.

Already found a team. Hope to see any of you here.