Any1 got a savy way to fix a broken door hinge? Q4 qanba


Door and one of the plastic little knobs that holds it on is fine but the other on the otherside snapped off. Any1 got a decent way to fix it?

Happened to my old TE eventually too but I wasn’t worried because the bottom part of the wire compartment is plastic. Its metal on the qanba though so im worried if I lose the door im going to be wearing through wires.


Do you have the old piece? That broke off. I say a small amount of the gel super glue and a very steady hand


metal = jbweld gogo.


For plastic on plastic, the absolute best way to reattach them is modelling glue, the stuff that comes in the white and yellow metal tubes. It effectively welds the pieces together.


I recommend “Plastic Cement” to glue plastic on plastic. It smells like nail polish remover but works like a charm.

also check this site out for recommendations on how to “glue this to that” .