any1 have...

the darkstalkers and SvC chaos sprites of demitri’s midnight bliss transformations?

especailly akuma, bison, ken, and hugo from SvC and felicia, jedah, demitri, and queen bee from DS?

thanks if any1 can help me out, or provide a link for them… and plz dont’ tell me fightersgeneration… my cpu wont go to that site… i dont have a firewall or nothing… just wont go

i have all of em i believe. Hit me up on IM

ami - E1 cham 13
msn -

Chams the ~Man~.

looks like i got the svc sprites for him. I missed the portion of the sentance for the dark stalkers chars. Anyone have those?


Well lookie lookie… i think i have em all…i found a zip file that ha a bunch of the game gen sprites in it… so i might have what you need but not sure how many of em i got. Hit me up on AIM again.