Any1 in or near Michigan good at making custom sticks?

Hey all im currently in the market for a stick (my first,but i want to start off with a quality one) Im a fighting game vet but rlly just decided to give a stick a try and up my game so i was wondering if any1 was doing custom builds in my area that i could purchase.

Ive seen the thread about looking for modders in your area but i figured id make this post as maybe some things have changed and to be more personal.

I would like a stick that will work on 360/ps3

so just hit me up and let me know, because other than that im just gonna purchase a MvsC3 stick for 360 really soon as im getting antsy lol.

Check the trading outlet. Lots of custom builders there.

…hmmm, lol yea imma doing that now thanks man.

I can dual mod it for you. I’m in NYC. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

butteroj is a great stick builder, and since it’s your first, he will help you with your build options and share his knowledge with you.

give me a month and i boot up production again