Any1 know how to debug Dreamcast games?

I’m looking to debug some Dreamcast games so that they don’t require a VMU. Anyone tried this?

what gmaes?

What the hell are you talking about?

Well, my VMU keeps dying, and it interferes with my Marvel playing. So I can either

a.) Order a new VMU from Japan,

b.) Use the VMU cd that was recently released, or

c.) Edit MvC2 such that all characters are available from the start without need of the VMU.

I’d like option C, then no matter where I am, that CD will be ready to go with all characters.

these games are not open source, if hacking was possible/easy it would have been done already.

stick to B, and they still sell VMU’s at EB and other stores.

you need a VMU?

send me $7 for one (covers shipping too), and I’ll send you my backup VMU with all of mvc2 unlocked (for the US version, i got some unlocked for the Japanese version)

Sounds like a plan to me!

why not just use the 3 in 1 disk that has marvel, cvs2, 3s in it? marvel has all chars unlocked already on it…

TDC final… torrent and burn… all that is required

that disc has everyhting unlocked already? really?


In before lock.

The disc has save games you can download to your vmu with everything unlocked.

Vidness: I don’t know anyone that knows how, so you’re up a creek. You might want to look into a new DC if it keeps frying VMUs. I’ve had the battery die in them, sure, but they still work for saving games just fine.