Any1 knows how to do hugo's "chain that clap move combo?

i’ve seen a sf3s video here in and i saw dat hugo clap combo i just wanna know how its done… thx


Well, um, which one are you talking about?

The one where they’re in the corner and get 3 claps and then SA3? That one’s QCB+FP, QCB+MP, QCB+LP xx SA3

You can also do a Wall Throw, then a jab clap into a short backbreaker (when they’re in the corner). You can also subsitute SA2 for the backbreaker.

the three claps into SA3 would work only if they are crouching. And possibly only in the corner (IMO).

The 3 clap combo works only on crouching opponents but can be one anywhere onscreen.