Any1 willing to sell me a cheap arcade stick?

I don’t got much money =[and I only have 35$
Anyone think they can help me out, its okay if its not good just I really wanna see what its like to play on a stick. Thanks.

$35 would buy you a lot of tokens at an arcade, depending on where you live if you just want to try using a stick…

I don’t think anyone will be able to ship you a stick for $35. Try asking around locally to borrow or buy one.

ebay man ebay

You could also to see if Gamestop has any brawl sticks near you

Thanks people. The wwe brawl stick is sold out though ill keep looking!

What system?
I have a Mayflash I’d sell you for $35 shipped, with original box.

If you’re concerned that I don’t meet “Trading requirements” - both Valaris and Ephidel (Moderators of the trading outlet) can vouch for me. I’ve also purchased from Jubei Kibagami, Ioriwang, KidKhaos, and a few others that could potentially vouch for me as well. I’m trustworthy.

Not sure if I am allowed, but I would sell you
[SIZE=14px][SIZE=15px]PS3 Fighting Stick 3 for 35, shipping will be additional…but I think it wouldnt be more than 10 dollars[/SIZE][/SIZE]

That’s an excellent price for that stick. Shipping should be about $8-10 USPS + the cost of the box / tape or whatever. I’ve shipped many of those sticks.