Anyboday beat Alpha 1 Surival Mode?

I was just wondering if anyboday beat Alpha 1’s Surival Mode? If so, what kind of ending do you get? I have made it to Akuma but I can’t beat him. Akuma and M. Bison are soooo tough in this game.

I lost to akuma in the end.

And let’s not talk about Shin-Akuma in alpha 2…

Shin Akuma is ridiculous too. A fun thing to do in HSFA is set player 1 and player 2 to computer and then enter versus mode. have alpha 1 akuma fight alpha 2 shin akuma. its an interesting match.

I might just do that!

Let me know what you think of the match.

that match was rediculous

am i the only one taht found shin akuma in alpha 2 to be easy?
start of round… tiger knee… lk tiger shot meaty… repeat… that’s how i take him down easy every time… lvl.6 difficulty btw.

I think I have only beat shin akuma in alpha 2, 2 or 3 times at the most.

anytime you might use shin akuma, you should always beat him…

idk, i’m a sagat player in that game… and as i said… i just tigerknee him all day… if you throw a meaty fireball, he’ll jump immediately afterwards… so just tigerknee him on the way up and he doesn’t do shit about it.

Well maybe when we want to use sagat. Any help for ryu?

i don’t use ryu… but for ken…

my strat is typically throw fireball on wakeup… when he gets up, see what he does… if he jumps, tigerknee forward a hurricane kick. if he teleports, wait and super or wait and xx hp dp or cc is the most preferable choice

no matter the case, fireballs on wakeup… the only way he gets out is by DPing, which leaves him open for anything. other than that, it keeps him in BS for a second and u can see what he’s going to do. Once again, i don’t recall ever getting up to his stage on anything higher than level 5 or 6 difficulty… so if you’re playing on 8, the patterns are probably different.

You guys could always go for the generic shoryuken the opponent right when they stand up, for a perfect victory every round. It works just about in every street fighter game ever. Just make sure its not a meaty attack, but as they stand up.

that’s the truth. lol

i love how in SF3:3S… UOH (blocked or not), land, DP will ALWAYS work until about level 6 or so, then it’s like an 80% chance of it working. lol

this dude at chinatown tried that on me in alpha 2… just walk up, DP after i woke up… reversal owned this kid… he got mad and slammed the buttons… the HK button on the P2 side hasn’t worked since.