Anybody Bored With This Game?


**I’m trying to pull what I can out of it, but I’m getting less interested by the day.

Anyone else feel this way?**


Sure, but the difference is? They don’t make stupid threads when there’s a GenDis.


I am having an absolute blast with this game. I love the high damage, I love the BS, I love low entry barrier, I love x factoring out of blockstun into a level 3 command grab, I love running away for 20 seconds and watching the frustration come over the opponents face as they waste their level 3 x factor and I love kicking sentinels ass






Seriously, go into training mode and start experimenting with your team’s combos and dynamics. I am 99.9% sure you will find something brand new for yourself. SRK underestimates the flexibility of this game thanks to everyone making Sentinel a poster boy.



on to the next thread


Yeah i rarely even touch the game anymore.


Do you know why?



because im not spending all my time playing it. I play it maybe like an hour or 2 a day, which is fine for me.


Yeah, I’m already bored to death with it.


Nope, I play every chance I get. Full time student and I work full time so its always enjoyable to play.


before this game came out, I kept telling myself "im so done with sf4, so done with it"
now i cant wait till AE -_-


I guess it’s because the character i wanted to learn i didn’t really mesh with I’m finding it hard to make a decent team, the netcode doesn’t help playing people and learning the game.

So far i’m just not having fun playing it honestly. Feels more like a chore than anything else.




Trust me don’t build your hopes around AE, I’ve played that shit to death back in Tokyo and if it ever gets to consoles you better be ready to learn the top tier characters.


Watchu talking about? This game is EPIC. I mean…for fuck’s sake…the last time something THIS big dropped…Japan was pissed… :wink:


it Just doesnt feel like Marvel. Last night i’ve played at least 50 Low-Tier MvC2 matches and had a blast.But with MvC3? On to training mode…wish we had a scene out here in Greenfield…


I’ll say this. If I ever hate MvC3, I’m not going back to SF4. I’m not EVER getting on SFxT and TxSF. So basically, if MvC3 is meh, I already don’t like Anime Fighters, I don’t trust MK9 to be good, KoFXIII is unlikely to hit stateside…meh, I guess I’d be done for a couple of years.


Funny…that’s what scrubs said when Marvel 2 came out.
“It doesn’t feel like Marvel 1. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4 BUTTONS!!?!!?!?”