Anybody changed TV recently?

and suddenly started failing at doing certain links/combos? Or at least noticed some degree of difference with inputs…

I recently went from a Bravia (LCD) to a plasma and now I’m failing to do links and other combos I had down perfectly fine.

Has anybody else experienced this? I’m sure I will get used to it but I just hope I’m not blaming the TV to make up for my own failure. :lame:

Check out the TV lag thread

Interesting…although I don’t have Rock Band or Guitar Hero to do an easy test, both TV’s are 720P though and all post processing is off.

What you are doing is probably a better test anyway. If you can switch back and forth between the two displays and hit the link combos on one but not another that’d be better.

This happens to me when I play on a TV with significant lag. I have the first 1080P Samsung DLP model in my living room, and it lags even on the VGA port, enough that I frequently miss even easy link combos like SFIV Balrog’s cr.LPs into headbutt.

im right there with you buddy. i have two xbox’s one in the room and one in the living room. i mainly play in the living room 720p but today i went to play in the room (an older tv) and i thought i was failing at combos because maybe i was tired but as i kept playing i realized it was just lag. Needless to say im going to stay playing in the living room

Im playing on a plasma, and im fuking everybody up, so NO!

The type of display has virtually nothing to do with the amount of lag. All high-def displays have a processing delay (lag). The ones we want are the ones that lag as little as possible.

Luckily I still have the old TV here, will get it out tomorrow and try it out again.

I hope my plasma has less input lag and I’m just not used to it, I’m gonna be pissed if my newer TV has more lag as it’s much better in every other area. :shake:

I’ve just replaced my PC monitor with a small LCD. Before then through VGA I was pretty much lag free. I grabbed my 360 one night and stuck it on the 40" Samsung in the living room. I have to say the difference was huge. I wasnt failing to do any moves, more just actually failing to get them in on time.

The small LCD I bought seems to be fine atm. I think im going to send it to Samsung though. Bright Pixel already within an hours use.

Umm… plasmas are known for their lack of lag. LCDs on the other hand will always have some. I don’t notice it so much with SF4, but when playing GTA on my brother’s LCD Sony Bravia, it looks really bad to me almost like it’s studdering. But that’s because I’m used to playing on my Panasonic plasma. You will be able to tell the most when everything on the screen is moving, like when driving around in GTA4, but in SF4 usually just the fighters and a few fireballs are flying around.

We replaced our 40" Samsung LCD with a 40" Samsung Plasma when the LCD began kicking the bucket. I have to say if anything, the Plasma gave much better quality but also much more lag. Its what im having trouble with now.

I’ll just try and adjust to this new TV, I have noticed I have been pulling off various FADC combos almost perfectly since getting it but all of this could just be in my head.

You are confusing input lag with response time. Response time is how long it takes a pixel to go from black, to white, and black again (though some MFGs report gray to gray.) Input lag is the time between the TV receiving a video signal and actually displaying it.

All HDTV technologies lag, including HD CRT. It is all just a matter of if the lag is noticeable.

I went from a 32" LCD to a 15" TV that needs an RF modulator to plug my ps2… lol i execute better

Plasmas are not gaming TV’s – there isn’t a single plasma on the market that has no input lag. Most have alot.

If you want super-accurate color reproduction and deep blacks because you watch alot of movies buy a plasma. If you want to play FPS or fighting games, buy LCD TV’s or monitors that have been tested for input lag. Go to to see reviews. Or read the thread that Fubarduck put together here on SRK.

You’re missing links because your TV has input lag. :frowning:

This has nothing nothing nothing nothing (nothing) to do with what type of display it is (plasma, lcd, crt, whatever) and everything to do with how the set is processing the image to be displayed. It has to do with how much image processing there is, and how fast the chips are that are doing the processing. A plasma can have lots of lag or little lag, like an LCD can have a lot or a little. A lot of the least laggy high-resolution displays are LCDs (think LCD computer monitors).

I have been in training mode today and started to adjust, it could just be that my LCD had more input lag than this plasma but obviously I was used to the older TV.

Could all be in my head too!

Although I disagree that plasmas are not gaming TV’s, screen burn isn’t an issue anymore (unless you are dumb) so you can game just the same as you would but with added plasma quality.

This screen destroys my old Sony to be fair, but this is going off subject enough already.

i went from a 26" HD ready tv (some rubbish manufacturer) to a benq 24" ( computer monitor capable of full HD) and DAMN!! playing guitar hero i noticed i was WAY off with the timing… about 20 - 40ms, once i recalibrated the darn thing. The old one had more lag than the new one, tho it still feels a bit weird as the sound will appear to be playing in different synch than before… good thing i started SF4 at the same time as i changed the monitor so i guess i wont have trouble adjusting :smiley:

I think it’s time for a new monitor!

I got a 52" Sony XBR6 Bravia a couple months ago…Its like a hot blonde…Attractive, expensive, & bit slow…Yeah i really dont care to play fighting games (rank), i always get thrown off when i try to do counters…I usually do far better when im playing using my cab or my 27" Sony CRT…