Anybody Collect McFarlane Figures?

Hi, i’m looking for Mint Mcfarlane figures to buy, i can make a list if anybody here is willing to trade or sell, i have custom sticks for trade also.

sure. which figures are looking for? I have collected mcfarlane toys since I was a kid, when they were named todd toys. all sorts. I will see if I got what your looking for. what’s your offers and what you have for trade?

well I need them to be in their original packaging & never been opened. I need Collector Club Exclusives such as Biker Chick, Urizen (green, blue, red signatures) Im also looking for Movie Maniacs & McFarlane’s Monsters (any series) Please let me k I what you have in those lines : Movie Maniacs, McFarlane’s Monsters or Movie figures, all must be McFarlane though because I don’t collect any other type of figures. I can pay you cash or I can build you a custom stick or I can trade you for other Mcfarlane figures that I have? What are you looking for?

what would you pay for a first edition spawn?

1st edition spawn? If you mean the very 1st spawn toy & its still in the package then I can give you $5 its not really worth much to me, I much rather have movie maniacs

I have the NecroPlasm Spawn and the Blue Hamburger Head Spawn. (I think they were exclusives for the collectors’ club)


No Spawn please, just the ones i mentioned.


Up, 4 good luck.


I got a Akira Tetsuo figure made by McFarlane in my stuff that I’m selling thread but after reading through this topic you probably wouldn’t want it but it’s up for grabs if you are interested.