Anybody Ditching Blanka in AE?



Any Blanka mains gonna switch to somebody else when AE hits consoles/becomes more common? Why and for who?


at least gonna give blanka first shot!


I just read now that there’s a Blanka player called “Jimii” ranked 19 in AE so Blanka can’t be that bad…


That’s good to hear. I just started playing SSF4 a couple months ago and I was reading so much negative stuff about him that I was thinking I might have to switch. Glad to know others still have confidence in the character.


All they did was take out the ability to spam Blanka Balls. It makes the Blanka/Ken matchup much closer to 5-5. Most other chars were able to punish blanka balls already. With the improved slide and new rock crusher into ball combo, he could be a better char than before.


I will stick with Blanka in AE, he has been my main since vanilla from the AE footage i have seen so far aswell he doesn’t look so bad.


like i mentioned in the other thread… i felt after playing more he doesn’t feel that much worse… ball is worse… but it’s not too bad i don’t use ball that much anyways… and against shotos or others that can’t punish well just gotta be more careful that’s all



all people that are crying about the nerfs have to take a look in the Honda, Guile, or shoto an other threads!
they got harder nerfs than the beast!!


That is a good idea. I think I will.


I feel like blanka is better overall in AE and most hondas are jumping to blanka


I’m still sticking with him. Bad matchs up will still be hard as they always were but we all should be used to them by now.


How much you wanna bet that even with the nerfs they are better chars than Blanka?


yeah… everybody cries about nerfs… i was just reading the boxer’s thread… all i gotta say is they are REALLY spoiled… they were crying about how whiff headbutt is now much more punishable -_-; and threatens to quit boxer because of that… come on now…



considering that people couldn’t agree on a tier list from super means we have no clue what things will be like for AE. of course i won’t drop him. Anyone who does makes me laugh, they probably drop characters all the time and have switched mains multiple times.


There’s a Japanese player “Kiiro no Yasai” with a 71 game winning streak. Must have been scrub night at that arcade :lol:


Will billy be fine? Sure. I think, or atleast my concern is, can someone who mains him win tournaments? I think the answer is no unless you have secondaries at the ready for a counterpick. The matchup against characters who rush down and force you to guess over and over again will never be viable. At your smartest play, you will guess right and win sets, but you cannot overcome the odds in a tourney with bad match after bad match. Numerous boxers, cammies, dictators and rufii will be in your way, and will stop you from winning.

Keep Blanka for the grapplers, shotos, and low tiers. Invest in a secondary for the everyday populars.


Blanka is fuckin awesome!

I aint switchin to shyt!

I need better timing and kara throw degree and Ill be set!
lmao… DuDe! Fuckin pushish are harsh’

Theres no such thing as a bad match up (lol)
Dip Duck Dodge Dive Dodge! hop and C.FE!


why is rufus a bad match up? I think it’s fairly even here… he can’t go nuts diving at you like the other characters… … yes he can punish your upball on hit… if he’s standing… he can punish ball even more so now…

but there’s stuff that rufus sucks against blanka.

  1. coward crouch owns ex messiah if you can anticipate… if you coward crouch under it once or twice… they’ll stop doing ex messiah.
  2. dive kick can be blocked crouched… technically he can’t really get any damage off you other than throwing you… or you try to tech throw and get screwed over… after he does that once… you still have charge if he goes nuts at you… he’s only gonna get smacked out from the air, keep in mind… it’s not easy for rufus to land a crossup dive kick on you…
  3. blanka jump owns rufus if you get ontop of him… blanka’s jump arc + rufus size makes him pretty much the easiest target to do ambiguous cross over jump ins on him… obviously i’m not telling you he’s weak in AA… i’m just saying if you knock him down or you’re jumping in after conditioning him from electricity pressure or from fake ball… it’s not easy for him to defend against.
  4. electricity generally owns him.
  5. rufus doesn’t exactly have the easiest time to move in on a turtly blanka who just sit on downback and waits…
  6. rufus got no real answer to LP ball… you ball him on safe ball distance… if he blocks he can’t punish, if he interrupts it means you can now use MP/HP ball to smack him out of it… it’s definitely in your favor interms of damage… the only threat is if he UC1 you while you’re going to him… .but if you’re careful that won’t happen… not to mention fakeball into electricity works well against fatso.
  7. LP ball > rufus c.HP

anyways… all i’m saying is… i don’t think this match up is in anyones favor… to me it’s 5:5… and the only reason its 5:5 is because rufus does retarded damage so it’s possible for him to make a big comeback… if that wasn’t the case i would feel blanka has the advantage… if it wasn’t for the damage.



Meh. Most of the stuff that was nerfed was primarily just stuff that was spammed by scrubs. I couldn’t care less.

Who the hell does a full screen blanka ball? You get jabbed the fack out of it before. It was never viable. Even against characters who couldn’t punish on block.


i’ll ‘drop’ him for rolento if rolento is fun and in the game. otherwise, i’ll stick with blanka as his style suits my natural skillset. Also his new costume will make me play as him, and it’ll be the first costume i buy cos its mental