Anybody else bare the same curse as me?

I get to 1000PP (or whatever you normally reach) and BAM lose steak all the way back to 300PP and then a win streak all the way back to 1000PP.

Game, why y no have middle ground?!

That used to happen to me a lot. A good way to stop it if you have a little willpower is to force yourself to stop playing ranked (or at all) for that day if you lose a certain amount. For instance, if you started playing at 1000pp you could say to yourself “if I drop below 800PP/lose 4 games in a row I’ll stop playing ranked for the day”, then turn off the console or play endless for a while if it happens.

If you’re like me you’ll get a massive urge to go back on your word and play more ranked matches to try and get the points back, but if you’re annoyed at the time you’ll play worse (works that way for me anyway) and lose even more. So yeah, if you see your PP start to plummet just play endless instead for a while. Usually the people on there are more friendly too which is a nice bonus.

Thanks, about 5 seconds ago I dropped to 813PP. Gunna play some Sonic Gens. for a bit.

I always get to just about 3000PP an then start running into a player who gives me a harder time, and wind up down around 2500 after joining his game and losing as many times as I can. I’m sure I’ve been PP food for many players that I wasn’t able to beat. Sucky part is I don’t think it’s me trying to get better by playing better players as much as me really wanting to beat the cocksucker who keeps beating me.

Dude, I’m sorry to say, but this is just you sucking and not holding your own. I understand losing PP if you disconnect, or fly around “newcomers” with 200pp/bp chars that wreck your shit because they just opened a new account, but if you are playing around your skill level pp wise, you should not drop that much.

This happened quite a lot to me and I think to anyone who has been playing ranked quite often vs everyone.

Everyone has a range of variance in their PP, and +/- 700PP is not an unusual range. When you try new characters in ranked and lose, it can do a lot of damage to your PP. Depending on the level of your opponent, losing one match can cost you over 100PP. I tend to fluctuate between 1700 - 2500 PP myself.

The thing to pay attention to is your upward limit. The point system is structured in such a way that the more you have, the fewer you gain from beating lower level players; the fewer you have, the fewer you lose. That means when you do get down to your downward limit after a losing streak, it is quite easy to get back to your typical upward limit.

The only way to increase your upward limit is to improve your game. And sometimes when you are improving your game you have to go through some dry spells; you gotta take one step back in order to take two steps forward.

i doubt thats a curse, if you can be knocked down to 200 pp its more of a curse for others that you can get to 1000 pp.