Anybody else excited for the new Conan the barbarian?

Jason Momoa has been one of my favorite actors since I saw him on Stargate Atlantis. He’ll be an awesome Conan.

too skinny, he needs to put on like 30 lbs of muscle for me to accept him as conan /shrug

I really excited for The Conan O’Brien Show.

^same reason I entered the thread, lol

String dances out of thread

You really need to put “Conan The Barbarian” in the title:rofl:

On the subject… I’ll judge it when I see the trailer and whoever does the score has tough shoes to fill because Basil Poledouris was epic.



Lol, the mix up never crossed my mind.

Hell No.
This has got be a fucking joke…How the fuck can they even consider this guy Conan…Red Sonja was bigger then this fucking twig…

wasnt he on some beach show on fox a couple of years back? but yeah, he needs to gain some weight

you mean Pathfinder 2?

Yea he needs to be a bit bigger but at least they got his skin colour right this time around.

Arnold really didn’t look like a Cimmerian but he def had the build for the role.

Looks like Nathan Spencer from the new bionic commando:rofl:

Jokes and Jokes and Jokes.

well if thor actor cant bulk the fuck up…i dont see why my man from atlantis cant.

If they put the real Conan from Robert E. Howard on the screen and use one of his stories it will be great. We actually have never seen the real Conan in any of the films, cartoons or TV show. The first movie was the closest. Except with a lot less gore; Conan spilling BRAINS on the floor from chopping people up in the old stories - not exaggerating, actual BRAINS - was very common. There have been great Conan comics and strips in the past. Who may not always get the gore down but they capture the tone of the original stories really well. Just haven’t seen this on film or in animation really.

Yeah, one of my favorites in the older stories, “Rogues in the House” was when Conan threw A CHAIR across a room and killed some guy spilling his brains on the floor! :rock: I laughed for five straight minutes! :rofl:

couple a needles and pills and hell be swarz big in 3 months.

I was hoping this was just a rumor when i heard about it earlier this year.

Conan the Barbarian is one of my all-time favorite movies…