Anybody else get horrible hate mail when playing with Seth?



I’m serious. It doesn’t matter if I win or I lose, any game I play using Seth I get hate mail. Also, it isn’t just a couple words, it is chapters in a book worth the hate mail.

Sometimes I respond telling them to move on with their life (or get a life), or clearly explaining Seth’s advantages and disadvantages to them so they might possibly understand.

I think from now on, though, I am just going to write “GG” and be done with it.

When will people understand that there really isn’t a cheap, there are different play styles. I mean, Seth using his range game is no different or more cheap than throwing fireballs and Shoryukening when anyone gets close or anything else you can think of that is annoying… Which is what 90% of the people online do.


Yeah, people get downright vile when playing against my Seth, and I’m not very good with him. Must be because they have had some terrible single-player experiences with him, and the very sight of the Tanden Engine brings back repressed memories.


I’ve noticed that when I pick Seth and if I win with him, my opponent will quit, this also applies with losing. I haven’t gotten any hate mail…yet.

My first assumption is they think a boss character is “cheap”


Nah, people just get pissy about evasive characters. I get drops and immediate quitting all the time with Fuerte. It’s like the people who bitch at 'Sim players for keepaway. There’s this bizarre sense among scrubs that if you’re not playing face-to-face where you can eat a Fierce SRK, you’re Doing It Wrong. I imagine it’s because they’re used to playing other Shotos/Blankas/Giefs, and have trouble adapting to characters who don’t walk right up to them and spam Big Risky Attack of Choice.

For my part, I’m extremely impressed after I play a good Seth, because I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see how paper-thin he is.


No hate mail, but rage quits often.

Being able to dictate the pace of the match with Sonic Booms, j.hp/neutral hp, drives online scrubs insane.

That too! :slight_smile:


After a ridiculous amounts of dizzies on this one guy who went with the 3 out of 5 round setup…yes. Seth’s mixup game makes him a really fun character to play.


YAY, first hate mail for Seth. Let’s clarify first that i am in the 1000-1500BP range with Seth at the moment, and someone named guyver8 beat me. He had somewhere above 3000BP

I recieved the following message:

**Subject: wow u r SHIT!

how can you lose with SETH!? hahaha, go play mortal kombat u streetfighter noob!**

so i sent him a message that i used to main Gouken and Seth sucks bigtime (for me/for now) because he has less health than akuma, but he’s fun to play.

Then he messaged back that i should have won, quote: “regardless of the health weaknesses” and that i should stop playing SF4

Hooray for me, my first hatemail form someone who won, but thought he shouldn’t have… (i think he was traumatized by CPU Seth at some point because he also wrote “bt i h8 ppl dat use seth”…very l33t)


I’ve yet to recieve hatemail, but I get so many ragequits when I decide to finish a match with his super(surprisingly never with Ultra, guess they haven’t seen it before)


Sometimes when I play close quarters I’ll get punished that round, so the next round I’ll j. fp, teleport away more, and basically hit and run. People send me hate mail for this and I’m always thinking “Okay, I learned to adapt to your strategies, why can’t you learn to adapt to mine?”

  1. He is evasive. Dumb people expect you to just walk right up to them and not block so they can hit you.

  2. He is a bitch to play against in Arcade Mode. The hate just projects when others use him.

  3. He is the boss character. This gives people an excuse because they assume he is much better than anyone else.

  4. Alot of people don’t realize how different he is from the boss version in terms of dealing damage as well as taking it.

  5. He isn’t a character that alot of people use so they don’t know how to deal with him, making him more frustrating to play against.

  6. Admittedly, he some really annoying set of moves to deal with.


Not much hatemail but my rep has gone down 10 percent. Not completely shocking when my mains are Seth, Akuma and Dan.


No hate mail for me yet but yesterday i beat this kids dan with seth and then he switched to zangief and barley beat me then he kicked me:sad:


Ouch @ losing to Gief. His standing Fierce Punch beat lariat spam, if he stays at the other end of the screen spamming lariat, just walk forward a bit, he either has to lariat backwards and eat teh boom plus a st.Fp or a st.FP if he doesn’t move.

Once he starts walking towards you just toss booms with mixed timing along with st. FP. Counter his jumps with SRK or jump back FP. You’ll be tempted to j.Fp his lariat but don’t in case it hits your hands, just land and st.fp him. You jumping will bait the lariat. If through some miracle he gets close, wall jump stomp off his head or teleport to the other side.


The one time I lost to Gied as Seth (which was only one round out of a match, I still won the match) was when he did something like spam his f+HK (I am guessing that is what it is, he kind of half-dashes forward and throws a standing side kick at you) when I tried to jump away. It only had to catch me like twice until I was pretty much dead.

Funny enough, I’ve found it almost impossible for Gief players to jump over and avoid the LP Sonic Boom because their frame (hit box or w/e) is so big. If they Lariat or absorb it with a FA, just dash forward and st.HP.

As long as you don’t get caught, it is a very easy win, but if you aren’t good at avoidinig (which you should be switching characters then), it is easy to lose because especially with Gief it only takes a couple good hits for you to die.


I’ve lost to Gief plenty of times. Usually when I’m not paying attention to spacing and he EX glowhands through a sonic boom. Once Gief gets in on me, I’m toast. I need to work on that part of my game a lot. I did bore my opponent into quitting by running away the whole match. I don’t really blame him, though. Not that there’s anything wrong with running away, I was just starting to get bored myself. Ha ha.


Same here, i like fighting Giefs because i usually win, but one or two mistakes and it’s over.
Once i was playing a Gief, he only hit me once with something at the start. Then i spent half the round staying away and hitting him, only to get caught by his ultra when he had one blip of health left. I was KO instantly =)


join the club, 9 out of 10 fights i win are disconnects lol, im losing points as i get better.

hate mail is guaranteed regardless of win or loss, tons!!! my xmb is like set to send out the same phrase to everyone who disconnects or sends hate lol.

its ridiculous and stressful playing sf4 knowing that im GUARANTEED some form of conflict by just being on, that i go back to hd remix to get away from the scrubs and hate, over there practically no one disconnects or hate.


xmb? Is there a way to save pre-made messages so you don’t have to joystick type all the time?


I was wondering why I lost 700 BP in two days a while back, because I didn’t think I had been doing that poorly overall. Then I remembered that every other win I earned the guy dropped on me.


I get hate mail once or twice a week regardless of whether I win or lose. But a couple times I’ve gotten messages telling me I’m the best Seth they’ve played, OMG a good Seth finally, stuff like that.