Anybody else have this problem with TE's?

About a month and a half ago I made the switch from hori to a TE. From those 2 Im really starting to hate my TE and Im wondering if any of you guys is having the same problem as I am or if its just mine.

Well the stick wroks great and everything most of the time, but there are just those times when you press buttons for Ex or ultra and NOTHING happens. I havent noticed it happen while I only do one button inputs, but if its 2 or more, my character just stands there and does nothing. I use abel and with the hori when I did the ultra sometimes I would get an EX falling sky or just a normal falling sky, but with this, the character just STANDS there and does nothing! Then when that happens I press all the buttons again and like nothing, go to training mode and everything is fine, its just those few moments that REALLY screw me up and Im not liking it. Yesterday I ate a fully charged focus attack, and while I was gonna respond with an EX wheel kick, abel did nothing, I took the FA and then an ultra for the loss.

If you’re playing online, it’s more likely a problem caused by lag.

surprise! you still make input errors.

really though some TE PCBs fail but usually it’s an all or nothing thing. you may want to try sending it in for warranty.