Anybody else really dislike the new health bars?

I know in vanilla its kinda hard to tell when you have X factor / have used it, but now it seems really hard to tell how much health and red health your assists have. Also, the way its set up where it still has the picture of the person after they die in black n white looks like it’ll be confusing too. In vanilla theres a big spot under the on screen characters health next to the other 2s where they couldve put that big red X. It wouldve made more sense to put it there imo. Probably the thing im most bummed about is the health bars in ultimate. EDIT: except of course that the game itself is disc only when it should be DLC.

Anyone else really not like the health bars the new way?

flow said you can clearly see the health of your assists when you play the game, and that we shouldn’t worry about it, in the videos it’s not very visible.

I like the new HUD, looks more polished and cool.

I feel that it’s odd for the first assist to be pictured below the second assist, but otherwise, it looks fine.

It’ll most likely be fixed to be more visible, but Floe didn’t mind it much so I reckon that says something.
I do like the retro feel to the hyper meters. But then it’s 2011 and we deserve better than that amirite?

this goes for me as well. if they had it in the right order itd be much better

Biggest issue for me right now. I can live with the on field character stuck into the middle but please put A1 at the top and A2 at the bottom.

Don’t you think the assist life and red life should just be a tad bit more visible though?

I wasn’t paying attention in the videos, but did they fix it so your 3rd character isn’t always on the second assist button even when a character dies?

In my brain it makes more sense for your only living partner to be on the partner 1 button.

I like the new HUD.

It’s more dynamic and interesting.

If you only have 1 assist left, both assist buttons should be able to call them imo.

The interface is so weak, it would be much better like this:

what D-Proto said. Yeah on stream it looks like you can’t see the assist well but there IS NO WAY in a game where seeing your partners health bars is at the upmost vital things they will allow it to be hidden. If it is hard to see then I’m sure they will fix it. Also the new hud reminds me of older arcade games like marvel 1 and xmen vs street fighter.

I think it’d look better if they made the middle one a bit thinner.

Less flashy would be better, IMO

Its like they are trying to remind player that X - Factor is in the Game.

I kinda like the old bars better but the new ones seem to be easier to see in high quality pics. On stream, if you wanna know if someone’s dead and you can’t tell, just look at their portraits. If it’s in color, they’re alive. Black & white = defeated.

I simply don’t like the style of it. It looks like something they would use in general SF game, personally I found nothing wrong with the original bars.

I like the look, it feels even more comicy but the thing I dont like is how it is almost… SD looking. Like the bars feels smushed together for no reason, stretch it to full screen. Overall I dont hate it, but would have been fine with the old one. Also dont like the new X factor, I mean its more clear when its on or off but is there a way to tell how much its going down in the X or something because I have not noticed it on the capcom stream, mostly because of the low quality of said stream makes it hard to see stuff like that.

There’s an interview going on right now and, of course, the question came up about the new HUD. They said it’s not the final version, but it’s just the version they have available for Comic-Con. Hopefully, they’ll change it back to the old version. One thing that was said was that they wanted to make the X-Factor more noticeable for newcomers, so that they knew they had the option to use it. Guess the newcomers were overlooking the mechanic.

Funny how Xfactor is something that can be ignored when it doesn’t even require a motion input. Mashing on the controller will get it for most.
Anyhow, I liked the photoshop image a few posts above with the X factor to the extreme sides of the screen.
Actually makes the health bars easier to see without doing anything major, imo… throws the contrast off of that glaring X.

it looks like Capcom wants you to use X-factor & then some!

I think the X blends in a little too much in vanilla MvC3.

My only gripe is character order on the HUD. Everything else I like, even the flashing X.