Anybody experience HRAP2?

i noticed that the alignment of the buttons on hrap2 are different from some other hraps. i just bought the hrap2. did i make a mistake?? what are your experiences with hrap2 button setup?

see for yourself…

I hate using any other stick after getting used to the HRAP2 button layout. Best thing I’ve bought in a while. You made no mistke sir, imo finest stick on the market.

thanx! i’ll probably buy another then.

The HRAP2 button layout is a lot more ergonomic. Lay your hand straight across the buttons and they should fall right under your fingers. You won’t have to reach over to press R1 and R2 like if you were using a HRAP1.

The HRAP2 layout is also the closest thing (if not exactly the same) as most Japanese cab layouts in terms of button placement and distance between stick and buttons.

You could blow 300 bucks on a Virtua Stick Pro and a Saturn-> PS converter.


does virtua stick pro use quick disconnects? and how’s the converter from saturn to ps? this seems like a route i might be willing to go, too.