Anybody experienced with making balltops?


so after finding out that it was gonna be basically impossible to have a custom made balltop exactly the way i want it for a new stick im planning on building, ive decided im going to have a go at making my own balltops from scratch, so plan on making a rubber mould of one of my existing balltops, and then pouring some kind of resin into the mould for it to set hard.

theres a few criteria said resin needs to fit…

clear, colourless, no bubbles.

can anybody recommend something i could use to achieve this, and perhaps where i could find it from? i was planning on heading to an art supply shop as i know you can get some kind of resin for the moulds that suposedly dries hard etc etc but just thought i would ask on here if anybody had experience with this sort of thing.

ive got a lot of cool ideas for what i could do with these balltops and will likely end up selling any extras i make in the trading thread if i get good results from my experiments.


Well fiberglass resin is clear, but it would probably warp or melt through your mold. I can’t really think of anything that is clear and would work well for a stick ball. If you have the money to experiment on stuff at the hobby shop, go for it.


You can get “water clear casting resin”. There is a technique to preparing it and pouring to avoid bubbles and alot will be learnt from trial and improvement.


thanks for the info! i will look into some of the clear casting resin that seems like it will be my best bet


Have you tried that before on ball tops B15? I know forming carbon fiber with normal clear resin needs to be vacuumed to remove bubbles

also note that normal autobody fiberglass resin is not even close to clear its ugly yellow


damn, i wish id got some of that stuff while i was in the UK, seems theres loads of places to get it from there but its hard to come by suppliers for canada.


I would order it online and not settle for stuff at hobby shops find out what you want and order it from ebay but make sure you do your research you will probably fail more than a few times its a slow process and you don’t have the proper equipment so getting rid of the bubbles is going to be the real issue with not having a pump and a ball top is so dense. I have done a lot of work with carbon fiber/ Clear resin and it can be a pain I still have people in Tech talk waiting on carbon fiber stuff from me


I have tried it before on casting things of similar size to balltops and it worked fine. I made a set of 3 just so I could pick the best one out as I was doing it for the first time. The trick I found with using water clear resin and to avoid bubbles is to mix the resin and catalyst in a plastic mixing pot thoroughly. Leave it still for about 5-10 minutes to allow the bubbles to escape naturally. The next trick is to pour it in such a way that the resin doesnt overlap it self while pouring as I found that is when the bubbles come back. If they did, a few taps got rid of them. I also found that using water clear resin takes alot longer to fully harden especially when cast in big moulds.

I always order my supplies from a specialist fibreglass company who sell all kinds of resins, additives etc for different applications. You will not find this stuff in local hobby stores. Automotive fibreglass resin is would be aweful for balltops. As RosserRooster said, its a disgusting yellow, amber or redish colour.


I’ll have to try the water clear resin the standard clear resin I purchased for cabon fiber is a pain @ss with the bubbles I have been meaning to purchase a pump for my gel coat molds to remove the bubbles maybe this would work as well


would this stuff be useable? still struggling to find fiberglass supplies in canada.

edit : or perhaps this stuff…

(casting resin IP036)


yeah I actually checked out those guys on your first link, they have a website that looks legit. They seem to make a good product the only thing I was thinking for your project is there is other types of resin that may be better for you particular project. Water clear is recommended to be vacuumed while there are others that do not have to be The whole bubble issues is the biggest concern having something completely clear and have zero bubbles can be a real chore.