Anybody feel this way?

Im sorry all you SF comic fans. but something about it doesnt sit with me. the story Im ok with but the art of the book turns me off. it feels too…I dont know. no offense to the good folks at UDON but the art just doesnt quite fit with me…is anyone else feeling this too? (awaits heavy flaming) :bluu:

Maybe for some of the art for the extra back stories, but for the main story art I really like. :tup:

I’m the opposite; impressed with the art but I find the story lacking at the moment.

They try to keep it as close to the Capcom style as possible. So basically, this is what it would (Referring to Arnold and Alvin, mostly) look like if Capcom actually did the comic themselves. Assuming that they’d use CRMK or Akiman as the artist.

What exactly don’t you like about it?

I personally don’t think American traditional style would suit the book very well at all.

PS: No one’s going to flame you if you say, respectfully/tactfully, you’re not feeling the art. They get flamed when they say “UDON suks” “this art is shit” or “u guys r doing a shitty job, wtf?”.

I feel the same way as Apathy-Inc on this one.And like he said also,you typed your question in a respectful manner,unlike some,and should get no flaming for it.

How the hell are we supposed to agree with you if you can’t even express what you dislike?

I love the art in the comic, I think it’s the best Street Fighter has ever looked.

I really like the story,its probably the best adaptation of SFs already sketchy storyline. but yeah,the art doesnt quite settle with me. but they are trying their best on the art. its really good,no doubt about it but I love the capcom art style and it doesnt really feel like capcom art to me. thats my reason

I whould like the fights to be alot longer and chaotic, but every thing else is great to me. Best fight I’ve seen so far was Chun-Li vs. Cammy and Ryu vs. Balrog which was okay.


While the art is extremelly inconsistent with all the changing artists (why oh why cant a professional penciller draw 20 pages in a month), i wouldnt say its the worst part.

I actually think when Arnold Tsang is drawing it, the comic looks very good (didnt like Alvin Lee in SF at all - his work on DS is much better, specially with the heavy blacks hes using now).

Hey Time Stop,

Hows this?

You want Malibu to do it instead? :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the art.(of the main story that is) It’s the best since Jim Lee was an X-artist. I can’t wait when a new issue comes out just to gauk over the tallent. Now when it comes to the back stories…I’ll have to go back & check, but they aren’t good at all. IMHO. I think most of them are below average artists & I don’t understand why. Are they bottom rim dwellers that Udon has to use to try to cut costs to compete? If that’s the case I’ll suck it up & sacrifice a few pages to poo, to get the quality that I feel is about the best out there. To me it’s better than some of these Marvel artists who blow through the whole comic. I’m kinda ticked at them because M nows we’ll buy the mags for high profile characters. At least Udon takes pride in most of it’s work. Trying to put out the best possible stuff, instead of filling shelfs to match all competaters.

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It’s funny. All of the guests so far are top talents in the comic industry that comic retailers will recognize their work. Thats one of the reasons on the back up - UDON does good work, but to the old school comic book shops that we are selling through. these owners do not know us. That is why I am getting all my friends in the industry involved, to put their name into the SF project to get more recognition. And I always thought seeing them draw SF in their own style is more refreshing. Some works better than others, I know. But all in all, my goal is to provide a slight variety that you will normally not see in any SF related projects!

well, to be fair, Udon did get Joe Mad and Salvador Larocca to do some backstory, I’m pretty sure they’re fees are rather high.

One thing I would like them to have though is a competent writer, even as a guest writer (sorry, if I sound too harsh). I think to date, they only had one guest writer, and I don’t even know what the guy did before that (sorry mr. guest writer, i can’t remember your name). I don’t even like their current writer, Ken Siu-chong and now he’s also doing Darkstalkers, so I’m guessing he’s going to be stretched thin if he’s gonna do both (as if the writing couldn’t suffer any worse). I’m not expecting Vertigo and Alan Moore level writing of course, but that would be great, I mean injecting even a little maturity and some character development in the dialogue and the story would go a long way. Understand that majority of the SF players who grew up with these characters and started playing SF from 10-15 years ago are now in their 20s to early 30s. I don’t mean to take away from the younger fans of course, but I’m sure with a capable writer, the story doesn’t need to suffer and can please both younger fans and the older SF fans.

I like that last pic that Udoneko posted by Alvin Lee. I think that kind of coloring (simpler coloring) suits his pencilling style much better than the “painter pro” style in the comics.

I agree with Scum the Gale, the art turns me off too. It’s too ‘image comics’ style for my taste. It’s the structure of everything that specifically turns me off. The bodies don’t look based on real bodies, they look based on other artist’s impressions of the characters. The faces sometimes seem plastic with souless eyes as well. It’s like I am always consciously aware that I am reading the Street Fighter comic rather than viewing through a window into the world of Street Fighter.

I think the Udon artists could really benefit from taking a step back and studying some of the fundamentals of comic-making and cartooning.

You earned my respect for that. :tup: Networking! :clap:

{flame} GTFO N000B! {/FLAME}

Seriously, I dont think the art is very umm…accessible for lack of a better word. I like it, but i can easily see myself not liking it if i were to look at it as Art instead of STREET FIGHTER(!) Art. The art of the main story is almost Anime-like, and i dont think it would work any other way… If they were to be more realistic as far as character desing…You’d be having SFtheMovie nightmares…

Give SFII a chance though, maybe you’ll like that more…

Really, I would have the main artists study the original “Street Fighter Zero” pieces that Bengus rocked back in 94/95… The painted pieces…

While they were anime-styled characters, the linework showed a more human side to the characters… A tad softer. You felt that the characters actually moved instead of static poses with muscles all tensed up… on some DBZ shit…