Anybody getting the Official SF4 Series Artbook?

More images from the SF4 Series Official Artbook : News :

Looks pretty good, although paying for it + shipping is a good chunk of green. Anyone getting this?

not me.
i would hate it, just looking at those prviews make me mad as hell.

nearly every piece of concept art for anything looks better than all the ones that ended up in the game.
which ever guy is in charge of picking out which things to use really has no taste or connection with the fans at large.

you can blame the art director for that. some of those ryu’s were pretty cool in that link. a shame no matter which one they chose as an alternate costume, it wouldn’t look nearly as good as it does in that book.

What’s up with that pic of the characters holding plates of food? Also, in that pic, Ibuki looks like she could use her ass as the table, the way it be poppin’.

Pop pop pop.

Def getting it!

One of the drawings sorta looks like the future Ryu I had in mind for when he gets a lot older. A few artists on Deviantart are excited too because it resembles their character redesigns.

Master Ryu by ~jpzilla on deviantART

829d740dbe32.jpg picture by joejoejbags - Photobucket Akiman’s own drawing. Maybe he influenced Ikeno.

I did not know I could get this for 36 dollars. COPPIN DIS JAUNT.

I’ll buy it & then go “why didn’t they use most of these alts”?!

I got it. For the OFFICIAL SERIES ARTBOOK it sure is thin. It is nice and there are some cool drawings but fuck, if it’s the OFFICIAL SERIES ARTBOOK, stuff that bitch like a thanksgiving turducken.

@ViciousSLASH, pm sent.