Anybody going to EVO?/Want Cooperation Cup related stuff?

An acquaintance of mine, and fellow Necro player, Yoshihara is going to be going to EVO this year to sell Cooperation Cup related stuff. He’s a good dude, but he doesn’t really know anybody in the U.S. and he wants to meet people. He’s in a group chat with me, Sugiyama, PinoAB7, Konitan etc and I told him I’d try to hook him up with somebody who can kind of show him around.

Anyway, if anybody’s interested in talking to him, send me a PM. Probably a bonus if you speak Japanese, but it seems like he speaks English.

What kind of stuff, shirts?

check Evo 2015 3s @ Hooters

Thanks for the tip! He says he’s selling shirts, posters, and illustrations.

We should have 1-2 dope Necro players willing to meet him, play games for sure. 1 guy powers up with Gatorade. sup w/ dope Manny @jblair

If he has his hotel and stuff and just needs help getting around from the community
We could have that too if
these guys are coming this year.
Good dudes, speak Japanese.

@yuuki @Duralath

High chance I won’t be at EVO this year due to business and personal constraints. Sorry gents, but you gotta carry the torch.

Manny has been using Ken lately. Not sure he still feels the Necro love. Still powered by Gatorade though.

We couldn’t sell him on a beer (he didnt want to play drunk strike, hey, that’s cheating!)

We were unprepared that he was going to arrive actually. Lets do a tournament, right now! But I hoped our meager accomodations were enough.

Shoyu peanuts made in Mexico and a cold bottle of water (with the hooter girl on it) he shared with signif. other there too watching him gauntlet for a little, play 2 game sets with us all back 2 back in a row.

He took a pic and tweeted it out though like Kokujin crew did in 2012?