Anybody going to Vegas PRE-eVo?

I will be at Vegas with a few friends during that week of eVo. We play quite a few fighting games if anyone wants to hook up. I will have a lot of spare time down there during that week so if anyone is interested post up or pm me.

i’ll be arriving wed around noon or late in the day, I’m up for anything non gaming

My team and I will be coming like Wed afternoon. I hear there are no good arcades in LV so I don’t know what were gonna do… I guess were just gonna kick it in our hotel room and hope some SRK peeps show up. Hopefully there is something to do. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

RenoCrew is arriving around Thursday morning. Probably shopping at Fashion Show or ballin’ around the strip.

I MAY be there on Wednesday and I’m all about NOT sitting in a hotel room playing games all day long. LET’S GO OUT!!!

I’m up for some gaming, but not all day, I’m going early to enjoy being outside the hotel :stuck_out_tongue:

Austin will be there wed. morning, and gambling untill fri.

I’m registered and posted a few times at sfc forums, but you guys dont know me so I dont get many replies :confused: I still need to find some roomies for evo :PPP

Yeah, I hear you guys about not wanting to play games while you’re there, especially since that’s pretty much what you will be doing during eVo, however in my case I will be there for quite a while, and I could spare a day or two to hook up with some new peeps to play some games. Whatever keeps me from losing all my money at the crap tables right away.

Edit: BTW, if any of you guys are NOT 21+, but would like to gamble anyway, I would also be down have Hold’Em tourneys if anyone is interested.

are you guys going to be in the green valley, or somewhere else during these extra days?

I will be on the strip and not the Green Valley.

me and my friends will prolly be there thursday afternoon/night…

I’m cool with that to I will be rocking evo solo this year so I am down for haning out. I wlll be there on the Thursday before evo.

Actually that’d be around the early afternoon to be exact.


then theres always us people who live in vegas, and are always up for new fights :wink:

Hey man, if you ain’t bullshittin holla at’cha boy. I’ma arrive there like at the weekend before evo so I’m down for whateva.

yeah, sounds kosher.

what are your main games?

I’ll be arriving tuesday night, so I’m up for meeting anyone, gaming or non-gaming related. I play 3s, cvs2, tekken 5, st, and #r. #r being my fav, I’m not really good but I still like to play, lemme know.

i play 3s, but i need to own a copy; i play cvs2, but my dreamcast is on its last legs; #r; and kof.

so yeah, keep in touch, we should rock out! or something

I’m right along with Olaf, here.

Are there not any other Vegas locals?