Anybody got good stories while playing as Hakan?

OK so let’s mix things up a little. If you got a good story that happened when playing Hakan, go ahead and post it. Unexpected upsets, crushing chokes, tournament tales, it’s all good here.

I guess I’ll start first. Frankly, I don’t think of myself as an excellent Hakan player, but I can still eke out a win or two. Suprisingly, I can win against tougher competition with the right amount of skill, chutzpah and luck. Tons and tons of luck. Early on when I started playing AE I was able to defeat a top-25 ranked Yang on XBL. Even better, I was able to defeat a top-15 Akuma on the SRK Live stream! I have the video to prove it! Unfortunately it’s not on youtube but in my channel. But still, I got proof. Thank goodness for the replay system.

Also on XBL, I actually faced OnlineTony, the Seth player. That… didn’t end well…

Anyway, what stories do y’all have?

I have two…

  1. Yun player was dominating everyone in casuals at this tourny. I’m the youngest person there by at least 4 years (im 16), so no one really thinks anything of me when I call next. My ryu gets bodied so I pick Hakan. Beat this Yun player twice in a row, with everyone around me going nuts. The guy got up and left.

  2. I was in a tourny and this guy is late for our match. He finally shows up without a stick, but gets one eventually and picks fuerte. I pick Hakan. He would get mad whenever I hit him with slide, so I kept sliding him. I win the first game and he gets angry. I perfect him the first round of the next game, and the guy is reduced to slapping his stick with his palm. I beat him next round and he leaves without saying anything or shaking my hand.

Won a small online local tournament (AE) and also managed to get top 8 (or 9… can’t remember. This was not AE) on a local tournament. PR Balrog was one of the guys that beat me… at least I won 1 round yay \o/ .

Lol win yesterday against a soild Gen. Conditioned him to jump away from SPD after blocked safe slide, closed the match by cancelling lk super off blocked safe slide set up. Happy as shit.