Anybody Have Experience With Blogs?

I’m planning on starting one, and since the blog is going to be something that’s going to be on-going for awhile, I want a blog service (If there is any) that lets me customize the layout of the blog so that I can add my own personal touch to it without it looking like it was “obviously” created using a blog software. I have the HTML / CSS know-how to make it happen, I just need to make sure the service I’m using allows it.

Right now I’m at a loss on which service (Blogger, Wordpress, etc.) I should be using to start it up. Any recommendations?

Wordpress would be my choice. It has very deep customization if you know what you’re doing and they can host it for you for free as well.

Use WordPress. If you don’t want to pay for web hosting then you can get a free account with They do charge you annually for CSS customization, but it’s still cheaper than paying for hosting. They will also host for a nominal fee.

When you say that they can host for a fee, does that mean that the domain has to be one that you created yourself prior to using Wordpress or can they actually create yourdomain for you?

You can buy one through them if you don’t own one. It’s either 10 or 15 annually.

Thanks for the replies! Much appreciated!

Hostmonster or Bluehost is perfect for blogs (if not even overkill).

They’re only $4.95 a month (same company) if you just search for the coupon in google.

From there, you can install a Wordpress blog pretty easily and you’re set.