Anybody have finals recorded?

Been looking but never found, anybody have the finals for cvs2 evo2k6 recorded or uploaded somewhere, thanks.

Prepare to die!

damn man

it was nice knowing you…

Oh boy…

This will hurt

Actually saying that, here is the video you’re looking for…


Liar. This is the vid - [media=youtube]b4PLowZC-1s[/media]

Guys, stop joking like that. People just might think that those are the videos.
Here’s the real video.

i just realized how much the intro to that song sounds like some of the scenes in chrono trigger.

Wow, CvS2 Evo 2k6 finals DO sound like Chrono Trigger :wow:

delete this thread and read the rules dude

ouch mzybe here :looney:

What… the… FUCK… Was… That.

You mean you’ve never seen roll canceling before?

this thread


It’s going to get closed.

I like how your signature adds so much to your comment.

This works on more than one level…

It works on Earth man’s stage too?