Anybody have trouble converting to a stick?


I can’t claim to have been expert with the pad but playing from left to right gives me real trouble on a stick with the QCFx2 motion, right to left I can flick it out no problem at least 95% of the time, left to right MAYBE 5%. QCF is not too much of a problem, but that second action really screws me over, I either don’t hit the second down, press too early at at the bottom corner or somehow have a jump in there. Anyone else have problems with one orientation over the other?


Buy sf2 HD remix, go into training mode with ryu practice all his specials and his supers until you get em 100%. That’s how I did it. Sf4 is too lenient to teach correctly imo.


just play sf4. everyone has problems converting to another input device, just play more!! it will come to be natural soon


I recently bought a stick as welland I had trouble at first, but it seems like one of those things you just have to get used to.

I’m not sure how you’re gripping the stick, but I recommend using the tips of your fingers instead of a fist. That helped me out


I’ve had problems converting to a stick… my friend would hand me his fightstick, but I keep refusing and used a gamepad. Then I went ahead and bought a stick and been using it ever since. I can’t go back to a pad now.


Experiment with your grip. Also, be wary of your grip getting lazy over time.


Agree with all of the above. One thing I would like to add is to keep your body position relative to the stick constant (i.e. sitting close, at an angle, far away, etc…). This can affect your stick movements, especially when you’re trying to execute things like double QCF, 360, etc.


I use to have the same problem! But after work, and classes I would spend all my time training with a stick.

In my eyes stick is all about the rhythm and staying calm while playing.