Anybody having problems with PSN version of CAPCOM FIGHTING EVOLUTION?


I use a MadCatz Street Fighter IV “Tournament Edition” FightStick. I know there have been several models. The one I have is the very first one they put out (it came out the day SFIV came out).

Anyway, when attempting to play the PS2 classic Capcom Fighting Evolution on PS3, which I bought from the Playstation download store, the “home” button won’t work and the joystick doesn’t work. I can’t move forward or down. I can jump at a diagonal.

I don’t have this issue with CFE when using a controller.

I don’t have this issue with my arcade stick when playing any other game. Only CFE.

Has anybody else had similar issues? Is Capcom and/or Sony aware of this bug? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to establish if I’m going crazy before contacting Sony directly about this issue.

So if you have CFE and an arcade stick, please chime in! Thanks.

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I’m not sure what else to tell you; it’s pretty well-known that the very first Mad Catz TEs were a little weird.
Apparently, they weren’t even fully licensed by Sony at the time, hence the “Home-icon” button and not a “PS-icon” button.

No real solution there, save for changing the PCB or getting another stick, unfortunately.


I’m having the same problem with CVS2 and some other PS2 classics. I think it has something to do with the latest firmware update. Before, PS2 classics worked just fine will all three of my sticks; now I’m having the same problem.


I agree, I think it is related to the new firmware update. My PS3 Cthulhu isnt working properly in CVS2 after the 4.50 update. It reads my joystick inputs but they get interrupted constantly. Took forever to select 3 characters.


damn you guys are right, CVS2 isn’t working now either. ughhhh. will this be fixed at any point? what is there we can do about this? how can sony just cripple the PS2 games we’ve paid to download?


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I’ve got one stick built on a Qanba PCB I think, that one seems to work fine. Cthulhu and PS360+ aren’t working at all. Put a call or an email to Sony. Not sure what else we can do.


Unfortunately it does state in their EULA that with PS2 classics; it is not guarantied that any extra peripherals built for the PS3 will work. I don’t think their legally obligated to do anything to fix this problem.


… Just like they weren’t legally obligated to support installations of Linux anymore when they removed it from the firmware… >:(


You’re trying to use a PS3 stick with a PS2 game? I don’t think that works.


Part of the PS2 emulator function was to remap the ps3 controller to work with the PS2 game. Something has obviously changed in this code because it used to work fine and after updating to 4.50 it no longer works correctly with some stick PCBs.


If you normally would play it with a DS3, how would playing with a wired PS3 controller (especially if it’s licensed) be any different? Besides, if everyone here is saying that it worked before, I would certainly consider it a bug if it no longer works and they’ve never mentioned that the feature was being removed. After all, despite the rage over removing support for Linux, at least they warned people ahead of time.


Wired sticks not functioning on PS2 games is designed as intended, most sticks on the box directly state that there is no PS2 emulation support.


There is a Known issue with controllers and how they work with PS2 titles running on the PS3 console.
It was originally with physical PS2 games on Backwards compatible PS3 units, but the issue carried over to PS2 games ported to PSN.

The issue been around as long as the PS3 been out with the original 20 GB Backwards compatible console in Japan.
The flaw is even worst with PS2 games that been ported to PSN.

The Long and Short of it is, you need a Controller or PCB that is compatible with (let’s call it)PS2 mode” on the PS3

From what I understood Toodle PCBs worked fine, I haven’t tried PS360+ or the Cerberus yet.
And from I heard from others the issue gotten worst since the PS3 4.50 firmware update.


my sticks were working on capcom vs. SNK 2 without any problems until 4.50 update. i downloaded it on PSN many months ago and enjoyed it with no issues. but this new update has ruined the game now. this sucks.


Does anyone have a complete list of arcade sticks that were supported by the PS3 and are now broken with the 4.50 update?

Vendor and product IDs for all arcade sticks that were supported will be needed to make sure they are all fixed. As far as I know there is no official list of supported arcade sticks.


I had a working list on What Sticks to Buy thread. It was all for Backwards comaptible games on backwards compatible units, PSN PS2 ports and PS1 titles.
This is all Pre 4.50 Update

Here are those that are confirmed to work. I go by PCBs not by sticks and there alot of modders out there, and none of my sticks are stock.

Confirmed Working for Backwards compatibility (pre 4.50)
Sony brand Six Axis game pad
Sony brand Dual Shock 3 Game Pad
All (Premium) Hori PS3 sticks (ignoring the sub $50 mini sticks)
All current Toodles PCBs that have PS3 support. (no idea on the UPCB)
Cerberus PCB
Sega brand, Sega Virtua Stick High Grade

Confirmed Not Working for Backwards compatibility so far

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV SE
WWE Brawl stick
Mad Catz Round 1 TE (includes the white “Asian” TE)
Datel/Paewang boards
Mayflash Sticks and Xbox 360 to PS3 adapters
PDP controllers including the After Glow, Rock candy, Injustice stick, PDP’s Fight pad and both MK sticks.
Exar sticks
XCM adapters
HDE Xbox 360 to PS3 adapter
Teensy board, varies on programming used.
All Windows PC Based HID class USB PCBs that lack button # 13 (Home/Guide)
Qanba/ Eight Arc Sticks.
Knock-off USB Saturn Pads
Knock-off USB SNES Pads

Sticks that are already confirmed NOT WORKING still don’t under 4.50


It’d be nice to get a post-4.50 list.

Though I think it’s important to note that the behavior is different when running a PSN-downloaded version of a game, and running a physical disc copy of the same game.
For example, post-4.50, the MC Cthulhu still works with a physical copy of Capcom vs SNK 2 on PS2 running on a backwards-compatible PS3 (confirmed myself), but (according to my brother who tested this on a friend’s PS3) the MC Cthulhu would NOT work on the PSN-downloaded version of CvS2.

I’m not sure if this is also the case for physical copies and PSN-downloaded copies of PS1 Classics as well.


I agree, I just felt I offer something to narrow the list and get the ball started

Out of my old list

[details=Spoiler]Sony brand Six Axis game pad
Sony brand Dual Shock 3 Game Pad
All (Premium) Hori PS3 sticks (ignoring the sub $50 mini sticks)
All current Toodles PCBs that have PS3 support. (no idea on the UPCB)
Cerberus PCB
Sega brand, Sega Virtua Stick High Grade[/details]

We can already assume the Sony Six Axis and Dual Shock 3 will work flawlessly as they are 1st part controllers

So that boil down the list of the following to be tested from the old list

All Premium Hori PS3 sticks [edit, works in VSHG mode]
Cerberus PCB
Sega brand, Sega Virtua Stick High Grade [edit, assume works from test with toodles PCBs]

Plus Controllers/ PCBs I yet to take account off

Round 2 TE (this includes the Blaz Blue, both MvC sticks, Comic Con, Fem Fatale & Gold Evo)
Mad Catz TE-S, VS and Pro
Neo Geo Stick 2 USB edition (PC/PS3)
Neo Geo USB Pad for the PS3
Saulabi sticks.
PS360 and PS360+ PCBs
Cronus Adapter
Various Mad Catz game pads
Power- A Game Pads.
Toodles UPCB