Anybody here getting bored with Balrog?



Ive been playing mainly Balrog since SSF4 came out, but I realize more and more that Im just getting bored with this char. And I just feel like switching main. I still kind of like him. But he’s not much fun to play with anymore. Anybody’s been in that situation before but found a way to love this char again?


Yes, but he’s still the character I’m best with out of the other two I mainly play.

But I don’t play only him 99% of the time.


I think Balrog will always the the character for me in SF4 no matter how I look at it. There’s just something about him and his moves / combos. They have a certain rhythm to them that I just find very comfortable and his pacing works perfectly for me. Granted though, because I used to be a QCF-character player, playing as Balrog has given me a new-found curiosity to try out other charge characters now that I’ve gotten used to playing one. Maybe Bison, Dee Jay, Guile, who knows…


well, i used to - but not anymore after picking up another ‘main’ - a very distant one lol. everything about balrog - the way he moves, the combos just makes sense to me. i don’t think there’s anything significantly new about balrog that is needed to be discovered and that’s probly why i might find him boring in the future. but he’s my undisputed main and i can’t play anywhere near as good with another char like rog.

i also can’t play non-charge characters for shit - i ‘tried’ to main akuma but failed miserably so now hes just for fun until i get more skill because i like him but i just don’t have enough ‘match’ skill with QCF characters. So i moved to bison (charge) and i’m now feeling him alot more - the timing of his combos might may put me off a little as a rog player but playing bison and rog gives me some sort of variety so i don’t get bored easily.

in terms of discovery, i may be near the end of the road for rog, but only just beginning with bison, so that’ll keep me interested.


I sure do get bored fighting him (and Zangief) so I would imagine some people would eventually get bored using him lol


Go watch Mike Tyson matches on youtube. Or just watch some early Hajime no Ippo episodes (the manga is batshit crazy by now… too supernatural… pointless).

It’ll hype you a bit.

And in case you wonder: “but dudley’s a boxer too. Won’t that hype me in his direction?”. No.

This is why: manboobs.


try to start using U2. U2 after a blocked/ducked dash upper makes him more fun to use. i never use U1, its just lame and boring. and yeah, being a big time tyson fan motivates me to use roggy.


When I first got the game (Vanilla, which I still play, not got Super) it took me 1-2 days to get comfortable choosing a character. I used to use Guile (And all variations of him, Charlie for example) in all previous SF games and 100% intended to use him in SF4… But when I got the game (and being stuck on Keyboard) I found even just Sonic Booms to be awkward to perform on Keyboard (Sounds crazy, I know, how hard can it be?).

So, discontent I tried Balrog (Totally influenced by so many Arcade Infinity Ranbat Videos of people like Gootecks, Ronstoppable, Keno [back then I had never seen or heard of Maeda Taison, PR Balrog etc) and it was just instant addiction.

I have not and will not change my character - I just thoroughly enjoy the challenge of his linear playstyle and adore his sounds and movesets/animations, just a joy to play and all about rythm. Granted, Keyboard limited my character choice tremendously but even now I’ve only played Honda about 5%, Bison 3%, Guile 1% and 91% Balrog after about 7000 games, going by my Statistics.

I think a big reason why I don’t get bored is also because of being stuck with Online Vanilla - Sadly there aren’t a great deal of really threatening players which means you get to wreak havok with all the unviable shinanigans that would get you beaten by any good player, hence I make so many fun movies for YouTube highlighting it.

So no, to answer the question, I’m not in the least bit bored with Rogster just yet. I can’t honestly see this changing even if I was on XBox where a far better playerbase/opponent(s) could be found. If that happened, I’d get more enjoyment because then I could REALLY work on improving, which I can’t do where I am now.


I’ve been bored with Rog for a while now. Having no mix-up options on opponents wake-up makes it so hard for me to try and be creative with the character.

I’ve been using Bison and Vega more for casual play but, for the most part, I’m sticking to my big guns (Balrog) for tournament play.


Similar situation has happend with me. I mained Rog in Vanilla (although I was ass back then), and when Super was coming out, I remember I wanted to switch to Dee Jay. I mained him for awhile but throughout the course of the past 7 months, I’ve gotten bored with just about everyone. No joke, I’ve had a period of time trying to use almost every character. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Guile, Fei Long, Gief, Sagat, Bison, Rufus, Abel, Seth, Cammy, and maybe a few others. In the end, I realized how much I love Rog. I feel he’s a complete character, but strangely at the same time, that he can always improve. It’s like Ryu in the story. He’s really good, but he only wants to get better. Plus he’s an amazing character canon-wise.

He’s buff, black, loves money, rapes little kids, screams, says rude things, and has helped me create tons of inside jokes. I love Barlog. BARLOG


So basically what you guys are saying is that Rog is boring, but you can’t really cut it with anyone else?

Hmm, I wonder why that might be? Maybe picking another character and sticking with them would do your game some good.


Actually, I believe that maining one character and playing too often with him is the reason to all this. I used to main Ryu, got bored of him because I could only play him. Went to Makoto, played too much of her, switched to Ken (not that my style was very different from Ryu…). Got tired of him, went to Juri. Played too much of her and instead of switching mains, I just decided to play around and get a feel or most characters that seemed to fit my style. Ended up maining Guile (he was so unfitting for me at first) and he’s clearly my superior character right now but I’ve tried Rog yesterday (just because he’s black and a boxer, that’s total win) and started beating the shit out of my friends (who are better than me).

Had a blast and came to realize that you’re better off playing lots and different of characters if you want to keep it interesting. My previous mains all got funner once I quit them and played them occasionally.

Rog is the shit IMO. Now I need to learn to play him effectively!


Honestly, to me it’s not that he’s boring. It’s just that other characters are cool and I’d always like to learn him. That and I really wanted to cover my bad matchups. Even the best players do it (Daigo trying Guile and Cammy in tournament). I tried Cammy and Akuma because akuma covers 3 of Rog’s bad matches and Cammy covers the two hardest IMO, Seth and Abel.

But yeah, I think it’s difficult to just stick with one character. Not very many people can just do it. There’s the “boring” factor, there’s the matchup help, and there’s people who just happen to like someone else.


Ive been playing cody the last 3 months or so I did get a bit bored of rog. Went back to him last week and its been good playing him again :slight_smile: Plus I kinda hated losing with my bad cody lol


I too tried Cody awhile back. He definitely takes more skill than Rog does. Rog to me is only reaction, decision making (aka guess right haha), and knowing how to defend. I think Cody takes all of that, plus more.


Bored of winning? im not.


yeah i’ve personally taken a break from him


I got bored of cammy cuz shes hella 1 dimensional like rog.

Ken and Dudley are both much more entertaining characters.


Same for me i got kinda bored of him but love him as a character so i won’t drop him… playin’ a lil bit Ryu atm. to later go back to my rog sayin’ “i missed u so much” lol


wait… WHAT? :mad:

Balrog is absolute DEFENSE, Cammy is absolute OFFENSE.

i cant believe you are comparing the two. its just wrong in so many levels. :rolleyes: