Anybody Here Played Against The Producers Of SSF2T: HD On Wednesday, 1/28/09?

If there’s a thread for this already, then can somebody please direct me and post the link? Thanks.

For the people here that played against the producers, how good were they? Were they surprisingly good? Anyone actually defeated them? I hate that I missed out on playing against some of them. lol

Overrated. I beat all of them this time and all of them last time.

They weren’t that great, but were surprisingly funny and interesting to talk to.

LOL I would’ve thought they’d be godly, but I guess not?

Did Sirlin opt in on that?

I’ll assume not…

Pity, wasn’t he topping the charts for a short time when the game came out? Did he just choose not to “compete” anymore? So people wouldn’t assume anything? :slight_smile: