Anybody here still use their MAS sticks?

What would i need to have it modded on all systems including ps1/2/ and dreamcast? Whats the best way to tackle this?

Whats all the systems you want?

So far you mention the following:
PlayStation 1 & 2

If that is all I recommend the Toodles MC Cthulhu, It also does PS3/PC, Saturn, SNES/NES, PC Engine/Turbo grafx, 3DO
It does not do Xbox 360, PS4 or Xbox One but it can be dual-modded with the right PCBs.

Still rock mine, all day, everyday. It’s dual modded with a Madcatz Fightpad SD for XBox360 & a PDP MKX Pad for PS3 & PS4. Seems to get by fine with this setup for the three above systems & PC.

Note just to make my life easier I tracked down a first gen PS3 that was fully BC, and PS2 physical copies of CvS2, MvC2, ST, 3S, KOF 98, KOF 2K2, KOF XI, & Garou.

The convenience of being able to run the OG games on a modern HDTV, and having the stick be USB for when I wanna roll to a friends house to play I think is worth the trade off vs. lagless 19" CRT goodness and dreamcast ports getting fried all the time.

Just my $0.02. Still got my PS2 & DC locked away for the future game room that I’ll eventually build (sigh).

all current systems including the ones i mentioned lol

Cool! post a pic of your MAS?

To avoid any confusion I going to ask you to actually list everything you want to support.
“All current systems” is still very vague.

xbox 360 and xbox one

Still can be done, there just no one PCB solution to this.
You could go ether Mc Cthulhu or PS360+
You also need a PS4 and a Xbox One PCB.

For Xbox 360 and Xbox One I would sugest the MK Fight Pad PCB.
You got several choices for PS4.

You also need to include some DPDT switches for system selection

Sure :smile:

[] Wiring by @yoooooon
] @Toodles Spark CE, IMP v2, & GT-C Circular Restrictor (Thanks @sethian0 !!!)
[] PAS JLF 6 lbf Custom Spring (Thanks @armi0024 & @SusanInParadise !!!)
] Voltech wire harness (Thanks @kickpunch !!!)
[] MadCatz Fightpad SD for XBox360 (Thanks @yoooooon !!!)
] MadCatz Breakout board from a Wii U TTT2 fightstick (Thanks @Gigazord !!!)
[] PDP MKX pad for PS4 & PS3 (Thanks my wallet :clap: )
] Seimitsu PS-14-K buttons (Thanks @AmedoS310 !!! )
[*] Injustice Battop (Thanks @sethian0 !!!)

Will probably switch to Seimitsu PS-14-KN’s next time I see a good deal on some, or get some PAS OBS-MX Green’s when they get clicky with it again.

Before I get stoned to death for not having a Perfect360 in this thing, please be mindful this was the 2nd to the last MAS stick Thao posted on eBay, so beggars can’t be choosers, and also that it was so structurally beyond refabbing to accept a WICO/HAPP/IL style stick, that I probably would have done more damage to it trying to do so, i.e. one less MAS stick on the planet. So I chose the less invasive option of going the JLF optical route. Back me up @yoooooon :bawling:

Before shot… the horror!!! Why Thao, why???


everything he says is true!

ps mas sticks are awesome.

I still have 2 mas sticks one has a busted pcb tho and the other is missing ajoystick

but i havent even touched marvel 2 in like a month or been in a tournament for it in a year /: they need some love lol

Spotted a possible MAS v2013 clone Arcade-In-A-Box slim stick that’s probably not gonna go for too much $$$ if anyone is in the market…

lol listed as MadCatz…


I’m trying to mod my mos to a ps4 kinda like yours. Can you guide me? I’m not familiar with dual modding but I can solder very well. I have a mascara fightpad Xbox 360 and a wifi 360 in my mas. All help is appreciated

@yoooooon @Vicko can help you man, I just send my stuff to them, really cool dudes, I’m sure they can give you good info in you have questions.

I’ve never heard of the two pads you have in your MAS, you may need to provide pictures of them with your questions in the future.

No it’s a madcatz street fighter fight pad for the x360. I wanted to add the mortal kombat pdp and have both of them

Yep @yoooooon is a pro at this mod.