Anybody here use Flash?

This is for school but I’m gonna put work into learning it some more during the break. The assignment calls for an interface leading to three places (a movie, some kind of game, and something else).
This is just the interface. I’m not sure why the screen is cropped the way it is but it’s the first Flash file I’ve made. So I probably just messed up somewhere…

simple, but it works. thumbs up.

Tween man tween!


Your document working size should be the same size as the background size. The background (white part of the working space) is what is displayed when you run the swf file. Anything outside of that will not be included.

Your work seems to be shifted out of place in relation to the background, that might be the problem.

wish I could help you if you had asked me this question like 5 years ago. Last time i used flash was version 4.

That’s actually pretty good for a beginner!.. Be sure to nest Movie Clips inside Buttons (do you know how to nest clips?) to make the interactivity even more grand!.. And once you guys learn Action Scripts, your brain will just have a meltdown… Good luck!..

Flash is my favorite program on my computer. I wish I had a bit more motivation to use it, but I still do from time to time. I make simple animations, mostly fights. Actionscript is my weakness >.<

But if you need help in animating or something, feel free to ask.

I need to stop by here more. Anyway, thanks for the replies. I’m gonna be doin a Flash movie with a friend of mine. It’ll either be something completely original or a movie for Warzard (I dunno why I like the cast of that game so much), since I got the program at home now. When I run into problems though I’ll ask people here though.

Landel- I don’t know what the problem is with the shift. When I go to different computers to view it (and I tested this) it’s fine on some but messed up on others. Very strange…

SebaBoi-Yeah I know how to nest movieclips an all that. Actionscripting doesn’t look all that scary to me. It’s just like programming, but then again I haven’t tried to do all that much, so who knows.