Anybody here use SA1

I dont use Urien myself but how good is SA1, I mean I know for example jump in RH and then SA1.

Also if you do SA1 on a crouching opp it tskae more damage, I dont know how much more.

Also what abouy lp twice and then SA1

i’ve only seen someone use it once in a tourney and it was against ibuki. best things you can do with super art 1 is cancel into it off a tackle on a grounded opponent. so you can do j.rh, xx lk tackle xx super. also it can be linked after an ex tackle, not sure if they have to be crouching for that one. but basically what is said in the AC strat guide is that all of urien’s supers can lead to big damage if you can find the openning. Super 3 is the only one that can allow you to make an openning where there wasn’t one before. In short there really isn’t any reason to not use aegis.

Well…Akuma can teleport out of Aegis knockdown setups which makes it difficult for Urien to put any pressure on him even when he has Akuma knocked down. Yet…one good Aegis combo can end Akuma and Urien really doesn’t need to connect Aegis to beat Urien so…yeah might as well just pick Aegis unless you’re really just having a bad run with him using SA3.

SA2 is also effective against Akuma because his stun bar is so short.

Most Urien players use Aegis differently against Akuma. They prefer to drop Aegis on him when he’s in block or hit - stun so that he can’t teleport out. Ie, C.LP, Tackle xx SA3 or MP, Tackle xx SA3. Setting up the reflector when he’s knocked down doesn’t guaranteed any damage.

SA1 does massive damage on a crouching opponent. You can land it off his target combo, C.LP or cancel off any tackle. It also links after EX tackle. It’s especially damaging if you land it after UOH on a crouching opponent.

Best combos I know for it is Crouching LK–>SA I, Jumping HP–>Crouching LK–>SA I & Jumping HP–>Standing MP–>MK TacklexxSA I (50% damage!)
SA I has some uses, like it beating the Shotos sweeps & being a punisher. However it doesn’t have THAT much combo uses.

SA1 deals damage. SA3 gives you the opportunity to deal damage.

Why the fuck would you want to lose your unblockables?
I’ve seen some people switch to SA2 when fighting a Gouki player and thats it.
SA1 does have an unblockable on Dudley, Necro, and Alex though. It works on some other characters but not in the same (easy) way. Unpractical, not even worth acknowledging.

I’m guessing it’s something like jab fireball xx SA1 as they’re doing a quick roll, and it’s setup with ex headbutt?

I believe… IIRC… it goes

c.fp -> xx EX fireball xx SAI (SAI hits them after they reset from the

After you finish, you’re on the other side of them, so you use: to guard break -> link to C.fp -> lk tackle -> link to SAI again.

I’m a bit unclear, but I think it goes something like that.

I would use Cr.Sht instead of Cr.Fwd because if you use Cr.Fwd, its hard to link the Cr.Frc after…
And that ender could work to I guess.

sa1 is no good compared to aegis, aegis is so much more versatile in its usage…

it can be used to put corner pressure… take some heat off of yourself from pressure… unblockables… or extremely long combos that do insane amounts of damage.

sa3 >>>> sa1 hands down.

another use is Tackle (LK), blocked, SA1 :smiley: works for Q and its such a sucker strategy. Can be verified off a cr. LPx2 and yes a great shoto sweep punisher. Can go through fireballs on start-up as well. I would say this super is ok 4 n00bs. Yes, SA3 clearly wins. But other supers aren’t as much crap as Chun SA3, Hugo’s SA2, 12’s SA2 or Yangs SA3

Yangs SA3 doesn’t suck. You mean SA1 is bad.

How is Hugo’s SA II crap?

Hugo SA2 has poor priority. It loses out to a lot of jumping normals.

Hugo’s SA2 isn’t crp, but its not great. I’ve seen people pick it agenst Yun and Yang players

Urien is pointless with out aegis, imo.