Anybody know a blarog player who is good that uses ultra 2?



Sorry for asking what is probably a silly question, but I really want to see it used in play. It’s my favorite Ultra. haha


Uh SCHeartless has a few dirty bull success videos on Youtube


I’ve only ever had a few games with SCHeartless and he used Dirty Bull vs me and caught me everytime he tried it. You should check out his youtube. The setups he had for that ultra I simply could not react to :L


thanks guys


almost no one uses it because you jump out of it… i didnt know of anyone who actually used this ultra


I’ve hit it twice in the same match against someone, and the got hatemail afterward. haha.


Good punisher [if you know your 720 punishes]. Pretty godly in the mirror and dudley matches at least for me.


Like said above it’s basically a block punishment ultra. You block something that’s negative one on block withing throw range then bust it out. The new motion will make it a bit easier to use offensively after frame traps but its best used just as a deterrent for using certain moves on block like Adon’s jaguar tooth or close ranged jaguar kicks.


Exactly, it’s also decently good in the Honda and Dudley matchups, solid punish for all blocked butt slams and MGBs.

Also, I’m a big fan of Blarog, almost better than Barlog.


I used it once as a anti-crossup on wake up, but I guess my opponent jumped too late or something, but it auto-corrected as he was landing so his cross-up whiffed and my U2 caught him :smiley:


Nope, U1 is too easy to hit every round for most people to want to use U2