Anybody know how to capture SSF4AE replays using vidcapture?


i’m trying to use the vidcapture software to capture the replays i have of my gameplay, but when i bring up the screen of the game…i can’t/don’t know how to capture it using the vidcapture.
now, i’ll activate vidcapture which is set to capture any video displayed on my pc screen, yet it won’t capture the game’s video/images. but it does manage to capture its sound. i don’t think the game will allow it.
so my question is,
is there any way to sorta minimalize the game on my screen? like the way we can minimalize web pages with restore down.
because the vid/image of the game almost seems like to be above what the vidcapture records…which ends up being a black screen, but again, its able to capture the game’s sounds.

now i’ve read that console players can send replays directly from their game to their youtube channel via internet access. is that possible with the pc version? because i don’t see a “share” tab anywhere on the pc version of the replay channel.


i found game cam. works, but no sound and only records 40 seconds of my replays in the freeware version. but it does work like a charm.


fraps works for PC