ANYBODY know of a 12-button gamepad?! (ABC/XYZ/select/start/L1/L2/R1/R2)

It is hard to search for one, because many manufacturers will include the D-pad as four buttons, or L3/R3 (analog buttons). Doing a search for 12, 14, even 16 or 18, will usually result in a plain PS2 style controller.

This is the Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital 2:

As you can see, it has 12 buttons, 16 if you wanna include the D-pad. However, it is now very rare and expensive, and has been replaced by the “Digital 3” (less buttons + analogs).

Saitek’s ABCXYZ style controllers have no select/start, only mode/rumble. Logitech Wingman series has no L2/R2.

My question, does ANYBODY know of a controller with 12 or more buttons? Six-button layout on the face AND L2/R2/two extras for start and select? How many even exist? They seem to be so hard to find, hence me asking for help here.

With or without analogs! It would be awesome to have all 12 buttons + two analog sticks/buttons, but beggars can’t be choosers… But damnit if I’m not trying.

I will even settle for one if it’s on a console and I have to buy a PC USB converter for it.

So yeah, am I out of luck, or does such a thing exist? Perhaps a company that will make custom gamepads…?

It may be possible to hack this pad.

If you where to use 30 gauge wire, a hobby knife and soldering iron, you may be able to rewire the LB and RB buttons on the face to instead activate the LS and RS buttons switches on the analogs.

I may try that if there are no other alternatives. But there’s gotta be! There were a lot of gamepads that looked similar to that one on random Chinese electronic sites, but I could never find any pictures at different angles to see if there were four triggers rather than two.

Does anyone know if the “digital” and “rumble” buttons on the Saitek Rumble Force could be set as action buttons, or hacked to be action buttons, as start/select?

I know a lot of people have this controller, I’ve actually played one a few years ago, but I didn’t try to use those two buttons. Just played Mugen. (by the way, this controller does have four triggers, and L3/R3. 12 buttons not including the D-pad, 14 if the middle two can be action buttons)

Too many buttons.
8+2 is enough :wink:

I thought what he wants would be HORI Fighting Commander 3.
Or HORI Fighting Commander 3 Pro. one.

How come no one mentioned it?
Is it not what he is looking for?

My vote goes for the old-school Gravis Xterminator Gamepad Pro from 1999. Which I wanted back then, but never got the chance to buy.
It has:

  • D-pad
  • Analog stick
  • Hat switch
  • Throttle slider
  • some shortcut-switcher button
  • 6 face buttons
  • 2 middle buttons (Select/Start)
  • 2 analog triggers
  • 2 digital triggers

Out of curiosity, why do you need a controller with that many buttons?..

Why do you need so many buttons in the first place?

I would love to build a stick with 10 buttons on the face adding L3 and R3 for UMvC3 training mode, you can set L3 AND R3 to do specific actions in training mode

I actually kinda wanted a controller fitting this description a long time ago for a PC controller. So I could have once controller for playing capcom fighters on mame, and also play playstation1/Nes games via emulator while carrying one pad. I ended up having a few Saturn usb pad clones, a Snes USB clone, and a Playstation style logitech dual shock like pad in my drawer under my pc now.

The 360 Hori Pad EX2 Turbo controller that rtdzign posted is probably your best bet. You could either hack it so that LB/RB on the face buttons is LS/RS buttons or rewire the LB/RB trigger buttons (this would be easier).

Since its a 360 controller you’ll also be able to use it on PC. It’s common ground and has some spare room inside to fit a slimmed down MC cthulhu so you could use the pad for practically every system you would want to play on.

Screw pads, get a HRAP 3 since that also has L3 and R3 buttons.

I have a wireless(frown) Logitech controller I bought back in 2004 when I was playing Final Fantasy 11. It has 6 face buttons 4 shoulders and both analogs. It’s a shame Logitech discontinued the model because aside from the wireless it sounds exactly like what you are looking for. I will try to dig it out and get the model number. Maybe they are still around on eBay.

Isn’t the OP looking for a controller without analogs?