Anybody know the name of this old anime fighter?

I saw a Korean friend play some anime fighter on his laptop maybe 10 years ago.

The main character (i think) was a generic guy in a school uniform and he had a ladder combo with 2 buttons. I had no idea anything about fighting games at the time, so I don’t remember clearly

Most notably, there was this one really broken joke character who was an anime girl, probably a robot anime girl knowing fighting games these days with like 3 moves that covered the entire screen.

And THEN there was another joke character who was probably the boss of the game who was bigger than the screen and would just slap the screen for full screen damage.

The closest thing I could find was Justice from Guilty Gear who gives off similar vibes to the robo anime girl in my vague memory, but I couldn’t find a full screen character or generic school boy to match.

While I have no idea what this game is, it was technically my first fighting game and what got me thinking about fighting games at all.

If it was ten years ago; It was probably a MUGEN game. Nothing comes to mind when I think of PC Fighters around that time but unless Korea had a market for it back then it would make sense. I know there were some obscure anime fighting games back in the day like Umineko so I’m sure it’s probably a legit game if it’s not MUGEN