Anybody know what kind of jap cabinet this is?


The control panel doesn’t have any joystick or buttons other then a big STOP button…If i wanted to convert this, how hard is it to change the control panel? What’s the size of the monitor? Where do you buy these type of monitors…


Its a Sega Aero City.


Nah, it’s a SNK MVS-U4 (you can still see the header where the 4 MVS minimarquees would go) modified for some crappy game (there’s more than one of these out there apparently):



You’re right, I should have seen the lights for each mini marquee.


“Eggs Playing Chicken” :rofl:


I had a Neo-Geo cab like this one.(not the chicken game) I recently sold it to a forum member.

I looked for an original control panel for it, but never found one. I ended up making one from scratch from some sheet aluminum.

You should measure the plastic bezel diagonally from corner to corner. This should give you an idea of what size monitor it is. Might be a 25" or a 29". If it is a 29" there is a seller on eBay that has new Sanwa monitors for a good price. You should figure out what system(s) you want to play on it before choosing a monitor.



Thanks guys you’re awesome…BTW how much did you sell your cab for?