Anybody know what would be a good way to add sound effects to a stick?

Ok, this might sound weird but I’m trying to mod a stick so it can play sounds and maybe songs when I press a button on the stick (probably the 3 attack buttons). I will be getting my TE 2nd round sticks soon from the Madcatz 2 for 1 sale.

I don’t know much about electronics but i’ve soldered a few things to mod some buttons and sticks before. I formulated a basic idea of how I want to do this, but I might run into some problems because I don’t know if it will work.

What I have planned is to use some sort of cheap USB mp3 player to put inside the stick along with some USB speakers. I would wire the buttons from the stick to the mp3 player. I think I will need an mp3 player with switches or something for each button and command like power on and play/pause. This way I can assign, let’s say, the back button for power on/off, the 3 punch kick buttons (farthest to right) to play/pause, start button for skip.

Also, I think I will be using more power from the USB than usual so I don’t know what restrictions will there be.

Has anybody tried something like this before? Are there better alternatives to this?

Thanks in advance for advice.

Anyone have any ideas?

Did you ever finish that project? Are there any steps that you used that i could follow?

I never ended up adding any of the extra stuff that I wanted to add.

Right now it just outputs a different Vega sound effect for each button press and some button combinations. Its got a simple amp in it and I internalized the speakers inside the case. I drilled speaker holes to the sides of the case.

If I ever want to change the sound effects for the buttons I have to recompile the program and put it on the memory card.

There are no defined steps because I started the project from scratch myself.

Adafruit Wave Shield and an Arduino would probably be able to do it. If you want to get dirty you could make your own single-purpose sound board based on combining the Wave Shield to an Arduino (which is really just an Atmega on a good board). Though you’ll probably have to code it up for your triggers on your own.

All this sounds a bit complicated. Do I have to learn some programming in order to do this? Would my idea of wiring the switches from an mp3 player to the stick buttons not really work without knowing how to program?